September Site Stats and Updates

Oh yeah my first monthly stats review/report XD!!

September Site Stats and Updates

Things are looking good after viewing the stats. We started writing end of August 2008 and hits rose quickly. Notice the jump in the number of visits from 1 September to 2 September? ^^ We(bluesnow and me) try to write on a daily basis. Of course I deal with the figurine preorders updates/releases and stuff, while she writes her anime reviews =). Of course I have some very good news to announce too x).

We have evolved from the age of writing anime episodes reviews to writing more on the otaku fandom. (If you have been reading our past site, you get what I mean) Each category gets updated every week, but of course the most active category would be the figurines category. We have a total of 51 posts under it now!

We have an average of 485 hits per day, a total of 14,555 this month. We served a total of 71,189 page views this month. Also, a total of 9.64gb bandwidth has been used this month - an average of 329.20mb per day.

September Site Stats and Updates

And I am very happy to say that our visitors come mostly from the United States ^^, followed by Australia and finally Singapore. Japan is ranked Number 8 - need to do something about that =X.

September Site Stats and Updates

Of course Japan is ranked Number 8.. (Should do something about that.. Lol)

Top posts for this month is Fall 2008 Anime Line-up, Code Geass R2 Episode 21(where everyone argued by commenting=X) and Happy Birthday Bluesnow!

As for the good news, I have been paid by Hobby Search for putting up their banners on the site. This is a good thing because hosting has been covered XD! Our daily visits and page views aren’t exactly enough to let us get a higher price at this moment, but life isn’t about money. Besides, we aren’t doing this for money too ^^. This is a good start, hopefully more people will notice and offer to pay us for advertising in the future.

As for the updates, I converted the section of News under the Anime category to be combined with Fandom News. Fandom News will comprise of otaku news and anime news. Anime is now named as Anime Reviews.

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