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Tamagotchi is Back, With Color!

Written by: zenical on 4 October 2008 at 9:21 pm 15 Comments

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Wonder whether anyone remember these dudes. Tamagotchi! It was rather famous years back, like 10 years for me? XD. I also had digimon devices, the one where you raise them like tamagotchis and eventually be able to battle each other. In fact I preferred the digimon over tamagotchi.. Maybe it was because of the ability to battle and all. Now tamagotchi has color. Wow, this news definitely wowed me.

Tamagotchi is Back, With Color!

I knew tamagotchi had some improvements 2-3 years back. I don’t really remember. I just know there was an added function(infrared?), thus everyone was going mad over them again. But the fandom died again.. Guess probably not many people here are really in into tamagotchi,

Do you have one yourself? The color version is just to appeal to the children. Will you get one if you see this on streets?

It’s only available in Japan at the moment, but expect it to reach you soon!

Source: Gizmodo

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  • pp said:

    tamagotchi that battles?.. hmm isn’t digimon already available ? :D


  • bluesnow said:

    I would totally get one=D
    I used to have one tamagatchi, one cat thing (Which died when I walked away for just an hour… JUST AN HOUR Dx), and one digivice (win), ohhhh! and one pikachu one^.^


  • Coco the Bean said:

    Dude, I want one!
    I had a 101 Dalmatians one back when these things were everywhere, but I hated how my dog would always go away after 40 days. I raised it from a puppy and then it just leaves me for some stupid girl/boy dog. >:[


  • Q said:

    Ah how nostalgic… I remember owning a Tamagotchi, a dog pet thing (quite popular in Hong Kong for a while), as well as two Digimon pet devices (is that what they are called?) back then. Didn’t expect they would ‘revive’ this again. But tamagotchi that battles sounds kinda unusual to me though.


  • zenical (author) said:

    @ pp and Q: I asked my friend who has a tamagotchi (bought 2 years back). The infrared was to interact with other pets. So it’s not battle ^_^. Lol. I still prefer digimon!

    @ bluesnow: I didn’t know there is a pikachu one O_O

    @ Coco the Bean: 101 dalmations? A first for me. Show me XD


  • bluesnow said:

    @ Zen:

    I had the origenal one which was yellow and cooler though^.^


  • Shabby said:

    I would want one of those colored Tamagotchi. XD; There’s gotta be something like that for the DS, isn’t it? It would save me money. *lol*


  • listening to the music |||| CONSTANT BATTLE |||| Tamagotchi Plus Color *_* said:

    [...] cuteness is tempting me. *_* Isn’t there a DS Tamagotchi game similar to this? (Source: Zotaku.com and InventorSpot) My brother and I used to have those clone tamagotchi. LOLz~ Though they [...]

  • Testament said:

    My sister had one when we we’re little…..>.> i broke it.


  • Coco the Bean said:

    @Zenical: Here’s a pic from google. (Can’t find mine. >.<)


  • Sandy-kun said:

    I prefer Digimon device.
    If only they got their colored version…… I wish that…


  • MIinaru said:

    Thanks for passing by my site!

    I used to love those things as a child. I had around 3-4 of those things (One was just borrowed and then I just had to take care of it)

    I always wanted to have the puppy tamagotchi. I guess I liked normal pets on small little gadgets instead of alien ones. Most companies don’t do normal animals, so now I don’t bother.

    Sometimes I want a tamagotchi…but people stare at me when I mention it XD


  • char (picchar) said:

    Followed your comment here ^_^
    You’ve got a really nice site!

    Haha, I had a tamagochi waaay back in 1998! Seeing this kind of makes me want to get one XD


  • Jojo said:

    Color…impressive. I ran across this article and it brought back so many memories. I still remember how popular it was 10-12 years ago, even people in their teens and adult years were holding one. I wanted one so bad, but my parents thought it was expensive. Back in 1996 I think a toy for 15-20 dollars was considered rather expensive (lol…I sound old).

    But then I got this golden dinosaur one from my aunt, other children always stared curiously at mines because it was so shiny…hahaha..

    I never knew Tamagotchi was still going, I thought it died off. But this looks cute with color, but being in my 20’s, even if I get one, I don’t think I want to carry it around where everyone would see it. Like Minaru said, people just stare at you with blank expressions as they let the fact that you’re crazy sink in XD


  • Meimi132 said:

    Holymoly…. colour Tamagotchis??? Urge to buy…..rising……

    I too remember them from when I was young, but this… is even better than the breeding…(I bought a V4 a year or so ago lol) My first tamagotchi wasn’t even a tamagotchi, was a nano puppy. Loved it.


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