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Gundam 00 S2 – Episode 2

Written by: bluesnow on 16 October 2008 at 8:03 pm 8 Comments



Episode Two finally out. As Zen puts it – Setsuna is busy doing house calls most of the episode. Most of the old Gundam team is now back together, and their newest gundam is totally Kick ass xD

Rating: 8.5/10


This opening, Hakanaku mo Towa no Kanashi , I personally don’t like nearly as much as Ash like Snow or Daybreak’s Bell, but it’s ok. I feel like I’ll be killed by certain UVERworld fans if I say that too loud thoughxD I do love this picture of Setsuna… It would make a perfect wallpaper!

Episode starts off where we last ended, Setsuna trying to get Lockon’s (Neil Dylandy) younger twin brother Lyle Dylandy to join the Gundam Meisters.

About 4 years late lol o.o

Setsuna gives him information about Celestial Being and tells him that A-laws are going to start a huge campaign against Kataron very soon. Later in the episode we find out that Lyle is working with Kataron; so this is important for him to consider.

A-law are busy trying to build up their forces to fight not only Kataron, but Celestial Being again.

Look… its Patrick’s Girl friend… I can’t remember if Patrick is alive though o.o

Do not like himDx Its bad enough he’s rude to his dad… but also an A-law lap dog…

Graham is also there lurking in the shadows… sipping coffee… It must be a little hard to drink with that mask shape though o.o

It was pretty obvious to guess who this wasxP

Poor Billy… it must be like dealing with a 2 year old.


Two whole years… it makes me wonder where she was the other two years. I think its safe to assume she was a Bar drifter… and Billy probably found her passed out in an Alley some where and thought *CHANCE* xD

Right as she’s walking out on him though Setsuna shows up at the door.

Tact… Setsuna clearly has none… Billy looks quite shocked.

Ohhh… But it looks like it was his plan to ruin her already ruined life…

She goes to the space port with him to meet Lyle.

Since when does she need and excuse to do thatxD?

Nooooooo Dx~ thats not your name!!!

While in space they discover that Celestial Being is already under attack. The only gundam that is ready to fight is Tieria’s… even 00 isn’t functional yet, but Setsuna decides its going to work for him no matter what…. Despite being told there’s a chance it will even blow up if he tries… The logic of a gundam enthusiast haha.


Awwww… look at how he gets puppy eyes when you talk about gundam stuffxD


Setsuna goes Transam… well… Becomes totally invincible =D

But look at his gundam Sparklies… they aren’t just normal gundam sparklies! Where have I seen these Special Sparklies before?

Thats right!!! No wonder Gundam 00 is so invincible! Its being powered by the LifestreamxD! (may not really be the life stream…)As I was saying… Setsuna beats them all with his new GUNDAM!

Setsuna… back to his GUNDAM self…

Even Saji is starting to speak his language…

Scary dress look-alike Tieria patronizes Ribbons.

Back on Celestial Being ship everyone meets Lyle..

Nooooo~ Thats not his name Haro Dx

Poor Feldt… must be so confusedDx He isn’t the guy who hit on you when you were 14…

Billy depressed that Big Breasts left him…

You have to feel kind of bad for Billy though. He hit on her the entire first season, finally got to be with her for two whole years, was probably her babysitter really and then she dumps him out of no where! He finds out that she is his sworn enemy even. Well… at least he still has Graham =D

Yes Tieria!!! Someone that agrees with mexd

It happened… I mentioned the last episode I didn’t mind Tieria much any more… But starting this episode I may have started liking him! I realized it right after he said that line. It feels kind of weird since he started off as my least favorite character though. Maybe it has something to do with him ditching that pink sweater o.o

Marina got arrested for daydreaming about Setsuna.

We found out Nena was working for Wang… *cringes

And these guys still creep me out o.o

Episode ends with the same scene the first episode ended with…

Thats Soma btw… her real name I guesss.

Well the next episode title gives a little bit of hope though…


Can’t wait for it =D


Another good episode~ My only feelings are:

1. Wang is a jerk xD She seems like a bigger threat than Ribbons.

2. Why did they need Lyle when they don’t even have a gundam for him to pilot?

3. I hate Big Breasts more than I didn’t during the first season.

4. I want to know more about Kataron…

5. I want to see how everyone is going to react to the new Lockon… I still want to see more of his personality. Will he betray Kataron in the future?

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  • M said:


    Soma Peiris needs to ‘kidnap’ Allelujah and get a room. :(

    Andrei is so totally not givining ‘it’ to her.


  • gordon said:

    i got a feeling ribbons might not be the final bad guy. wang liu mei is!


  • bluesnow (author) said:

    ^ I thought something like that too when she was purposely causing chaos for Celestial Being…

    Despite her claiming to want peace… I think she just likes warxD
    Like that Girl with Big Eye brows from Gundam Wing o.o


  • M said:


    The true bad guy is Aeolia. If he didn’t make the GN-Drives, the ‘war’ wouldn’t be so excelerated.


  • bluesnow (author) said:

    ^ We’re all wrong… The true master mind is Aeon Lasse~

    He pretends to be a side character but, He’s really the Reincarnation of Aion from Chrno Crusade who dissapeared after killing the pope.
    Thats why their names is so similar o.o
    Although its hard for me to take the spawn of Satan seriously after seeing him in a speedo o.o


  • Arayden said:

    Somehow.. why would Graham will be seen wearing his mask in the CANTEEN and worse still, no one seems to be bothered with his prescene !? LOL.. Sunrise has hit a new low for the typical masked-men. Bring back Char Anazable !


  • M said:

    Cause without his mask he’ll probably look like Two-Face. :(

    or…. during the battle with Setsuna last season, Setsuna went over to his Overflag, took permenant marker and wrote, I LOVE GUNDAM, on Graham’s face. And since Graham can’t wash it off, the mask stays.


  • Bluesnow (author) said:

    Graham is too embarrassed to show his face after his rejected confession of love o.o


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