Kuroshitsuji - Episode 1

Kuroshitsuji Episode 1

Story of a butler who knows everything, well almost everything. He serves a 12-year-old master - the head of Phantomhive. While the brief summary didn’t really interest me - I don’t see why a butler serving a 12 year-old boy would have any storyline to it. The episode got better and better, makes me wonder whether Sebastian Michaelis, the butler is “nice”. Looks are deceiving..

Apparently the 12-year-old master - Ciel Phantomhive is the head of the family. Where are his parents? Oh and before I forgot, the Phantomhives are one of the best toy manufacturer in England. The word toy plays a very big portion in the storyline. Read on to know why I think in that way.

Kuroshitsuji Episode 1

The beginning starts with young master forming a contract - with a crow. I have a feeling that “crow” is Sebastian. It seems that both of them are connected in a way. Young master plays a game of chess with the guest. Whatever happens in the game, happens in real life. The only thing I’m confused is how the heck did Sebastian know? Also Sebastian was doing all the dirty work. I’m wondering who is the bad guy here - if there is one.

Kuroshitsuji Episode 1

The minions under Sebastian doesn’t know a crap to their surroundings. And the reason why this anime is classified under the genre comedy - is because of them. I think if they weren’t inside with their funny/weird actions, we wouldn’t be laughing.

And what’s up with the eye patch thing over Ciel? -_-

Thriller + Comedy. Good? I have my doubts =/ Anyone watching this for fall?

Random Shots

Kuroshitsuji Episode 1
Rental Magica anyone?

Kuroshitsuji Episode 1
So overrated

Kuroshitsuji Episode 1
Nice hairdo

Kuroshitsuji Episode 1
He wants us to drink the green tea he is promoting

Kuroshitsuji Episode 1
Child’s play

Kuroshitsuji Episode 1
Maid is angry at Sebastian for hitting on her.

Kuroshitsuji Episode 1
And the surprise is.. Young Master *waves cloth*

Kuroshitsuji Episode 1

Kuroshitsuji Episode 1
Sweeny Todd anyone?

Kuroshitsuji Episode 1

Kuroshitsuji Episode 1
I’m hungry

Time to grab a bite XD.

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  • bluesnow (Author) said:

    This anime made me lolxD

    I wonder if the second episode is out yet ^.^”
    And lol @ you confusing Sai and Saji before this was posted =D

  • Emily said:

    I don’t know, I love comedy/horrors myself, and frankly I think is series is hilarious. (I do wish the minor characters were made to be a buit more interesting.)

  • Maura said:

    I’m having debates on wether to watch this or not =D

  • Charlie said:

    I’ve read the manga and I love it! I haven’t seen the anime though. Where can I find it?
    Btw Ciels eyepatch has an explanation, your just not there yet. ^^

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