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Tales of the Abyss – Episode 1

Written by: M on 2 November 2008 at 2:04 pm 4 Comments

Based on the PS2 game, Tales of the Abyss is literally the game’s main story, presented in anime format. This is a personal favourite way of presenting anime because it combines 2 things I like. RPG + Anime = RPG with no need to level up, just watching the process of fighting monsters and imba bosses. Hehe.

Tales take place in a world much like our Earth, except there are monsters in the wild, and the world is split into 2 regions. The Malkuth Empire and the  Kimalasca empire. Both nations were at war with each other because they sought the Seventh Fonist Fon Stones, which allowed individuals to predict the future, just as the great Yulia Jue had done a long time ago.

Earth + Jupiter

In the current timeline of the main Tales story, the war between Malkuth and Kimalasca had long been over due to a treaty.

Kimalasca Empire

Malkuth Empire

Tales’ main character is Luke. A bright red haired boy who has been cooped up in his castle ever since he was kidnapped as a kid over 7 years ago. He does ocassionaly sneak out to the nearby forest and hang out in the trees. Luke’s ‘best friend’ and manservant is Guy, a bright kid around Luke’s age who seems much more mature than Luke and seems to be more adapt at fighting skills as well.



In the 1st episode, it is Guy who finds Luke up in the trees, when Luke has a visitor; Princess Natalia of the Kimalasca Empire, Luke’s fiance.


Midway during the episode, Luke is called to a meeting with his father to discuss about Luke’s master departing from the castle. Luke’s swordmaster, Van, is the general of the Oracle Knight’s 6 God-Generals.

Van-sensei’s crest on his shirt looks like he’s gonna be the game’s  final boss.

(The Oracle Knights are an organisation that seeks to uphold everything Yulia Jue has preached)

Due to the Fon Master Ion dissapearance, Van needs to head back to lead the 6 God-Generals in the event that war breaks out between Kimalasca and Malkuth.

The news of his master dissappearing causes Luke to have a fit. This childish act soon disappears when Van tells Luke that he can practice with him as much as he likes before he leaves.

During practice, an enchanting song is heard throught out the castle and that song causes the guards at the castle to faint immediatley. Van, Luke and Guy who are all in the middle of the castle, faintly feel its effects. The singing is soon discovered to be caused by Tear, Van’s sister. Tear had come for one reason, and that was to kill Van.

Useless guard #1

Tear soon finds a weak spot in Van’s defense and attempts to take his life but is stopped promptly by Luke. When their weapons clash however, a reaction occurs and sends the 2 of them flying off in a light beam to a faraway location. This occured because both of them have weapons created from the stones of the Seventh Fonstones.

What beautiful GN-Particles

When Luke awakes in the new location, he discovers that he is near the ocean, somewhere far away from his home. Tear apologies to Luke for accidentally bringing him out of the castle and promises to get him back safely. They soon come across a coach driver and decide to purchase a way back to Luke’s home.

Defeated mini-boss #1: Wild Wolves. Acquired 30gil, Meat and 32exp.

The next morning, while still in the coach, the coach faces an unexpected predicament. A huge battleship is in it’s way and it’s blasting the ground around them.

Impressions: As much as I love this show, this is not a show I would be able to blog about. Reason being, I have too many shows on my plate, and because RPG-Anime’s can’t be summarised. Every bit of information is important, from killing monsters to finding loot on the floor.

Do however, watch this show because it is so very awesome. It is everything I was hoping Final Fantasy VIII would do, but never did.

Random Shots

This is how the world split up.

Yulia Jue. The songstress of the univerese. :(

If they’re supposed to be good guys, why’re they giving us the stare.

Emerald Hill. Hehe.

Luke practising Wii-Baseball

Luke going SuperSonic


She wants to be kissed so badly.

Nadleeh v.s. Tieren Ground Type.

Beautiful ending.

Alright. That’s all for Tales of the Abyss. This post is made so that you guys can get some understanding about this series and perhaps catch it. I don’t know, I may blog this once Akane-iro ends, but I probably won’t, so don’t get your hopes up high. Cheers.

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  • Gargron said:


    It seems to be worth it :)


  • M (author) said:

    Hehe. Yea. Please do watch it.

    If the watch response for this is high enough, I will CHIONG this series reviews once 1 of my other series are done.


  • Testament said:

    I really liked the game, and there is no doubt I will love the anime series. But looking at those screen caps, I wish it had the same high quality animation the game had.


  • M (author) said:

    All the animation money went to Gundam 00. :(


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