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Social Networking On PS3?

Written by: zenical on 18 December 2008 at 1:13 am 7 Comments

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Playstation Home, commonly known as Home to all users of PS3, was recently launched on December 11 2008 with the Beta Home. It is still in testing mode with lots of add-ons in the near future. Right now it’s more of walking around in the different places of Home, and meeting new people. You have to create an avatar and then you can start exploring!

Kinda like a social networking place. The only problem is you don’t know whether the person you’re talking to is a guy or a girl.


My Thoughts on Home:

  • They need to widen the network to ALL REGIONS, because I am stuck in the Asia Region where Chinese is constantly being used. English is the international language yes? I am not against Chinese, but the fact that half of the conversations there are done in Chinese is really -_- to me. And those Chinese who try to use English, I can’t understand them at all. LOL.
  • Stop making us pay for more add-ons Sony!
  • You can’t know the person you’re talking to is a guy/girl. So it depends on your luck.
  • Guys will go crazy over girls avatar. Perfect Example in the video below. It’s LOL to me

  • Include more facial features to use because I can’t even make my avatar to look what I want “her” to look like *Nana Mizuki fanmode on!*XD.
  • Definitely should include more actions for the avatar to use!
  • And below is a picture of Home, just for you to see. Yes we have bubble machines inside too ._.


    Image Source: IGN

    PS3 Users, what are your thoughts of Home? Will you pay to have more stuff to play with in Home?

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  • kanahilator said:

    Hmm so they made it region locked? I guess that makes sense because otherwise there might be too many people or cultural issues, but it would be nice to be able to cross regions. I don’t really like Home that much, it’s too boring so far. I’ll wait until there’s more things to do in it like the arcade rooms. No way am I paying for anything in it, haha.


  • IcyStorm said:

    Region locking may be better in this case; bandwidth issues and culture/language differences are key here.

    Add-ons, well, Sony has to pay for the servers and bandwidth somehow, right? It’s a free service that was NOT promised when you bought the console, so be happy for it.


  • zenical (author) said:

    @ kanahilator: Would like it if I could easily access the US Region, since I have some friends who were trying out.. and me.. but we were locked to our own regions T_T

    @icystorm: nope.. I’m not asking for anything more. Just wanted to explore together with other region friends I met while playing but it was REGION LOCKED.


  • Ferolare said:

    I tried it out and frankly, I’ll rather turn on my PS3 for online gaming rather than online networking.

    I have yet to explore it thoroughly, given the downloads I have to make before being able to access the other zones, but it comes across to me as “boring”.


  • M said:

    join me in the US Home. hehe.


  • Brian Barker said:

    I live in London and if anyone says to me “everyone speaks English” my answer is “Listen and look around you”. If people in London do not speak English then the whole question of a global language is completely open.

    The promulgation of English as the World’s “lingua franca” is unethical and linguistically undemocratic. I say this as a native English speaker!

    Unethical because communication should be for all and not only for an educational or political elite. That is how English is used internationally at the moment.

    Undemocratic because minority languages are under attack worldwide due to the encroachment of majority ethnic languages. Even Mandarin Chinese is attempting to dominate as well. The long-term solution must be found and a non-national language, which places all ethnic languages on an equal footing is long overdue, An interesting video can be seen at http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=_YHALnLV9XU Professor Piron was a former translator with the United Nations

    A glimpse of Esperanto can be seen at http://www.lernu.net


  • M said:

    wall of text which I still do not understand even after my 5th read.


    You’re older than me, do an easier translation of the above text ty.


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