PS3 Returns in My Life

And so, I thought I finally stopped playing PS3 like mad - since I didn’t have much games left. I completed Resident Evil 5 and Little Big Planet (Completed the trophies too). So you could say I have no more “goals” to achieve in the two games. Lol.

Yesterday I bought a new game. Don’t know what came over me. It’s inFamous :D

PS3 Returns

I have yet to open the game to play.. Because my friend passed me 2 of his games to play. Now I have games to play, and too little time ><

PS3 Returns

I hope Valkyria Chronicles is nice. I love the anime XD.

What games are you playing on your console?

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  • Kairu Ishimaru said:

    >> I hope Valkyria Chronicles is nice.
    Valkyria Chronicles IS nice. Im sure you will enjoy it.

  • Optic said:

    I guarantee, u will LOVE Valkyria Chronicles. It is without a doubt one of the BEST rpg games out there. With tactical andl real strategy, u will be hooked to the end.
    I might get Dynasty Warriors on the PS3 this weekend. ;)

  • bluesnow (Author) said:

    “What games are you playing on your console?”

    Currently Playing FFTactics 1 on the PSP =3
    I can’t remember how to unlock Ninjas Dx Where are you my favorite class!!!!

  • Q said:

    Valkyria Chronicles is good, and I like it judging from the in-game walkthroughs I’ve watched.
    Infamous seems to have good review from IGN, so that seems to be a good buy too.
    I’m just stuck with a PS2 so the thought of getting any of these are currently 0 ^^;

  • abao said:


  • GNdynames said:

    Fourthed for Valkyria Chronicles.

    InFamous seemed to have taken the spotlight right away. I read it on the newspaper when I was on the subway XD. I presume it can’t be bad for the very least.

  • ryan said:

    I love InFamous. It’s one of those games that I can play for hours on end doing some pretty repetitive things, but still is enjoyable. And I won’t even notice I’ve spent a few hours just beating up Reapers or exploring the city.

    I want to play Valkyria. :/ But I don’t have money to buy the game yet (since I spent my dough on InFamous).

  • Coco the Bean said:

    I saw infamous at the store yesterday! It looked interesting but I don’t have a PS3. T_T I haven’t played video games very much lately…

  • bluesnow (Author) said:

    All I know about Valkyria Chronicles is what I saw here at Zero Punctuation xD

    And the fact when I first heard about it I thought it was another Valkyrie Profile game.


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