Nendoroid Arawn

GSC is trying to poison all nendoroid lovers.. Releasing Arawn from Tears to Tiara, people will be tempted to purchase him to pair him up with Nendoroid Riannon!

Oh the poison just never stop >_>

Nendoroid Arawn

Retail price is at 3,500 yen and will be released in October 2009. Preorders are up at Hobby Search already!

Though tempting he is to me(me being a girl =P) He shan’t be on my getlist. Hopefully I will stay loyal to only 1 nendoroid release for the entire year of 2009. LOLX. On your getlist?

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  • Optic said:

    Loyal to just 1 nendo? Is that even possible!?
    U know u want it. :P

    Hopefully I won’t be interested when I start on the series.

  • zenical (Author) said:

    @ Optic: I think i would buy Saber Lily > Arawn as a matter of fact. LOL. Don’t think because I’m a girl I HAVEEEE to buy him because im a girl lolx.

  • bluesnow (Author) said:

    Puuuuuu~ they should make more male characters I know lol xD
    Not that I have the money to buy them either way xD


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