Figma 044 - Izumi Konata Summer School Uniform Version

Lucky Star Konata gets her summer school uniform made in figma version. Yes, Max Factory has a new figma up for preorder. Poison for Lucky Star fans._.

There’s also a head part of Yutaka for you! Omg. They’ll probably release the other summer versions of Kagami, Tsukasa and Miyuki with “spare” head parts of other characters o.O.

Figma 044

Retail price is at 2,500 yen and she will be out next month August 2009. Preorder yours at Hobby Search now!

I might actually consider this, but then again because this figma is kinda last-minute. You should notice that all figmas have a preorder period of around 2-3 months before they’re officially up - I doubt that I can actually get one here locally, because it’s really a last minute preorder figma. Oh and you forgot to take in the factor that I’m probably broke for the next few months ^_^”.

Are you getting this? Will you buy all 4 of the Lucky Star charactrs should they come out in Summer School uniform versions? XD

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  • Optic said:

    “Will you buy all 4 of the Lucky Star charactrs should they come out in Summer School uniform versions?”
    Likely not. I already have the full set of winter uniform.
    Lucky star figmas are gonna be endless I can tell u that.

  • Paul said:

    It’s been a little too long since I saw Lucky Star for me to get excited about the summer uniform versions. I bought the winter uniform versions of Konata, Kagami and Tuskasa, but I don’t think I need a second version… even if I would like a Yutaka figure

  • phossil said:

    I own Konata and Kagamin winter version. I dont think to buy this one yet. Maybe for Tsukasa…

  • zenical (Author) said:

    @ Optic: As endless as Haruhi as endless eight. LOL

    @ Paul: I’m probably getting the konata figma =P. Figmas aren’t my cup of tea ^^”

    @ phossil: get konata summer =P. don’t resist!

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