Figma 047 - Hiiragi Kagami Summer School Uniform Version

Hiiragi Kagami, the final girl from Lucky Star to get her figma released, summer school style ^^.

Figma 047 - Hiiragi Kagami Summer School Uniform Version

Retail price is at 2,500 yen. Scheduled for release this October 2009. Preorder her at beNippon, HobbyLink Japan or Hobby Search!

Like the other girls, Kagami will come with a head part of Misao. And she will come with 3 faces, one of them which is a blank face o.o

Figma 047 - Hiiragi Kagami Summer School Uniform Version

Well I don’t know anyone who will bother buying all four of them, again. Most of you guys here are determined NOT to purchase them right? =P

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  • MorpheusDreamweaver said:

    I’m not buying, but it’s nice that they’re offering them. The diehards are getting the new heads to convert their winter uniform figures into the secondary characters, and the original versions of the popular characters (Konata, Kagami and to a lesser extent Tsukasa) are getting hard to find.

  • zenical (Author) said:

    @ MorpheusDreamweaver: The original versions are still buyable, figma can never be sold out.. I believe.. Lol.. I won’t be getting them, no I mean I won’t be getting figmas in a long time.. XD


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