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The Hetalia – Axis Powers Movie!!

Written by: M on 24 September 2009 at 4:14 pm 22 Comments

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Well, how many of you have heard of Hetalia – Axis Powers? It’s a series of short anime episodes screened on the web, that re-imagines World War I and II. The show’s characters consists of different characters, each portraying a different country. e.g. Italia(Italy), Doiitsu(Germany) and Nihon (Japan).


The show’s first season had 26 episodes, and with the announcement of a second season, made earlier in April this year, it’ll bring the show’s episode count to 52. But if 52 episodes of Hetalia isn’t enough for you, fret not, cause there’s a Hetalia movie coming soon.

From ANN,

Gentosha Comics has announced on its website that a theatrical anime film adaptation of Hidekaz Himaruya’s Hetalia – Axis Powers manga has been green-lit for 2010. More details will be provided in the November issue of Monthly Comic Birz magazine on September 30 and on the anime’s official website, Hetalia.com. The November issue will also have a special feature to mark the green-lighting of the film.

Hetalia fans rejoice! (P.s. I’m looking at your bluesnow. :D) Yeah. A Hetalia movie. Sounds epic. So far I’ve watched up till Episode 12 of the 1st season of Hetalia. It’s still on my pending-to-watch list, mianly because I’ve a whole lot of other shows to watch and Hetalia hasn’t really caught my attention yet.

Anyone who wishes to change my opinion of the show, you’re welcome. :D

Source: ANN
Image Source: Minitokyo

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  • Chez said:

    I’m looking forward this movie :)
    Watching this anime makes me lolz every time I watch it with their history-related jokes such as Russia jumping out of plane without parachute XD


  • bluesnow said:

    OMG YES!!!
    I am so happy right now!
    I wonder what the movie will focus on though o___o
    Maybe it will be the Christmas special (1.5 hours of Pedobear France streaking across the world trying to seduce everyone)
    OMG!! We’d get to see Drunk 1/2 Naked “Garcon” England too! England will inherit the title of the #1 world pervert~!
    Now that I think about it ALOT of characters strip in that chapter o____o~ Even Germany almost does.
    The Christmas special is the only part of the series that has enough source material to make into a movie I think lol.
    I mean… Besides tons of chapters he even wrote diaries from different countries’ perspectives.

    There’s also my dream of the Valentine chapter being animated… Y_____Y
    Because brain dead gay Germany is awesome. But I wonder if that will ever happen Dx

    Wait… PRUSSIA!!! PRUSSIA the movie would be made of win =D
    With kick ass Chibi Hungary who thinks she will grow boy parts when she grows up.

    This requires a celebration of Pastaaaaaaaaa and Pizza.


  • kurando said:


    A Hetalia MOVIE!?!!?!?!!!?!!!! *dies from happiness*

    And yes Bluesnow…. Pasta and Pizza are a requirement for this :D


  • M (author) said:

    @Chez, Blue, Kurando

    Now I know who the Hetalia fans are. Haha.


  • indecisivepancake said:

    OH GOD!!! A HETALIA MOVIE???!!!!
    someone get me a paper bag, i think i need to hyperventilate! :D :D :D


  • Faust said:


    Lol, just watch! What if the movie would only be 30 minutes?! xDDDDDDD

    I wanna see some USUK! <3

    Bluesnow…you make me lol so hard! xD <3


  • bluesnow said:

    @ Faust:
    Your wish is my command

    Here’s some Germany and Prussia While I’m at it.


  • !~CHiBaBaNaNaS~! said:


    Hell YEAH!!
    OH YEAH! more of PRUSSIA awesomeness! Hungary Boyishness! US X UK loveliness! and HEck HetaLia PaTa-PAta-ness!

    Oh yeah! bring on the chAmPagne! I’ve gotta celebrate!

    and Fish’n'Chips
    (no scones please…. ^^U)


  • RollingBox said:



  • Peppermint said:

    OH LORD–


    I can’t believe this!!!!!!! oH OH YAY yes! does anyone know when it actually comes out? I hope I get some nice Russia scenes


  • bluesnow said:

    ^ “2010″ is all we’ve been given so far.
    I’m just curious to hear how long it will be… the “Azumanga Daioh Movie” was 3 minutes LOL xD


  • Pupcicle said:

    Oh God I can’t wait. <333333


  • Melon of darkness said:

    * does happy dance* YaaaY


  • romanotomatofan said:




  • Hetalia Season 3!!! | zone otaku said:

    [...] weeks, so there will be a season gap till then. Incase people are really far behind in news, a hetalia movie is also planned to be released in [...]

  • NorwayOnee-san said:

    Oh dear, when (or if) the movie comes on internet I’m going to faint of excitement before I can even push “play”.
    Seriously, a Hetalia movie will be so much awesomeness that even Prussia (I know I’ll get haunted by him because of this) can’t compete with it. Now I can’t wait!!! More than 5 minutes of Hetalia during one video will be better than heaven to me ( ^ .^)


  • bluesnow said:

    “even Prussia (I know I’ll get haunted by him because of this) can’t compete with it.”

    ^ !!! There is nothing Prussia’s awesomeness can’t compete with xD
    I mean… when your character song is called “THE SONG OF AMAZING ME” You know you’re awesome.
    “Kneel before me! Praise me! Give me praise!
    Come here! Let me pet you!
    Im am so fucking awesome! Seriously! Like a little bird!”

    Now will this movie be like a little bird xD???


  • Brie said:


    i love this show and CAN’T wait for a full length movie (at least i hope it is). Can’t wait for Russia and sexy Greece XD and some UKUS love

    As soon as anyone finds out the release date, post it here please!!


  • America said:

    OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I am not gonna make the wait this is going to be awesome !!!!!ahhhhhhh. Geeeeeezzz I need to watch it now!!!!!!!! I hope there are so of those fantasy moments that england has and good scenes with america !!!!!!


  • GaaraXCookies13 said:

    Squeeeeeeeeeee!! I can’t believe it!! A Hetalia movie!! This is so awesomee!! I can’t wait till it comes out!! I hope there are more cute, awesome Germany & Italy scenes!! Kekekeke!! Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, I LOVE Hetalia!! XD
    x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x


  • Yonkonkaroo said:

    I heard that the Movies gunna be called, “Hetalia on the Silver Screen: Paint it White”
    Dude Hidekaz better have some new material to go with such an epic title. I wanna watch the trailer be all bleach-like or something.


  • zone otaku » Hetalia Fandisk- Extra Episodes and Content said:

    [...] grown slightly impatient waiting for the third season of  Hetalia (which airs in march), and the Hetalia movie, but it has raised my spirits to know an extra episode is being released in May, along with [...]

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