Taiwanese TV Show Accused of Copying Zetsubou & K-ON!

Chinese bloggers and forum users are accusing the Channel V television series Wo Ai Hei Se Bang Bang Tang in Taiwan of plagiarizing its animated sequence from the Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei anime series, as well as from the K-ON! anime series.

Taiwanese TV Show Accused of Copying Zetsubou & K-ON!

Watching the first few seconds of the video should get you screaming with rage.

A video at Nico Nico Douga is available for comparison. If you are a user there, do check it out. I was like O_O when I watched the comparison video.

I heard of anime bgm making their way on the local commercials here, though I doubt that anyone realized >_>. Obviously the producers of that show didn’t have the right to use part of the music for their show! RAGE!! What about you? Heard any anime music on your local shows when you know they obviously shouldn’t even be used?:/

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  • bluesnow (Author) said:

    Oh wow… that is clearly K-on music I hear xD

    THe zetsubou part is a little bit more flexible ti interpretation, but still…. Its not good to copy >.<
    Especially if you’re going to be so blatant to get caught hahaha.

    (On another note, what an annoying show hahaha)

    EDIT: Never mind, I hadn’t seen that Zetsubou sensei op before… its definitely direct plagiarism xD

  • guuzen (Author) said:

    I wonder… During which part of the production did the producer said “Yup, this is alright”. I mean, even if the producer or whoever has never heard of K-ON before, at the ending part of the opening it has “oooooooh Yui!”. So didn’t anybody ask who provided the voice for that part?? =S

  • Q said:

    I’ve just looked a bit further into this. For those without NicoNico accounts, you can have a look at visual comparison here:


  • guuzen (Author) said:

    Ah thanks for the link! Now I can see how it copied zetsubou as well >.< Oh man… That is really bad…

  • zenical (Author) said:



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