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Final Fantasy VIII Available In PSN Store

Written by: guuzen on 22 December 2009 at 4:11 am 8 Comments

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For those of you who are waiting for the English release of Final Fantasy XIII on March 9, 2010, you can indulge in one of Square Enix’s earlier classics: Final Fantasy VIII.

Final Fantasy VIII

As some of you know, Square previously released Final Fantasy VII for the PSN store, so it comes to no surprise that Final Fantasy VIII is getting the same treatment. Whether it will sell as well as VII, we will have to wait and see.


  • Platforms: PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system / PSP (PlayStation Portable) system
  • Genre: Role-Playing
  • ESRB: T (Teen)
  • Launch Date: Now Available
  • Price: USD$9.99

- via IGN

I remember playing this a couple years back and loving every part of it, until I hit a certain point in the game whereby it is impossible to continue without some level grinding. However that is not the game’s fault. I just do not have the patience to kill the same monsters over and over again.

I remember when I was playing some parts of the game, I could not help but feel pleasantly surprised at the gameplay. For example, there was a mission that involves trains and I think you have to change the track’s course while moving across the trains’ roof (please correct me if I am wrong!). Throughout that whole mission I was amazed and did not expect such gameplay from a 1999 game.

If you have not played it before and you are a person who respects classic games a lot, then I really recommend you to try it. I feel that USD$9.99 is definitely worth it.

Source(s): Official Website | IGN

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  • MorpheusDreamweaver said:

    I own a copy of the PS2 version, but I never really got that far playing it. I’m thinking of downloading the PSP version so I can give it another shot.


  • Ferolare said:

    As far as game mechanics is concerned, of all the Final Fantasies *sic* I’ve played, VIII is easily the best.


  • atmchino said:

    touché. i was thinking about playing it again but figured i should wait till it’s near march

    the train mission was annoying at a certain point because i couldn’t get my controls working to finish it. eventually did but yeah, fantastic storyline, phenomenal musical score, but probably needed a bit of tweaking to appeal to more fans.


  • M said:

    For me,

    FFVIII was the most complete and perfect FF out of all the series for me. The only other FF that I’ve enjoyed fully other than FFVIII was FFIX and that was a long time ago.

    VIII had beautiful characters. Angsty, punky Squall paired up next to an angelic Riona. Couldn’t get any better.

    Agreed that the level grinding of certain parts were purely frustrating. I still remember when I first tried this game out on the PC version, there was 1 part before obtaining Cactuar as a Guardian Force, I had to do hours and hours of repetitive level grinding-potion buying before I had decent levels to fight Giant Cactaur.

    Don’t know bout you guys, but FFVIII still is my fave FF. Playing this on my PSP now while waiting for FFXIII next year. :D


  • guuzen (author) said:


    Haha I’m thinking of replaying it on my PSP as well =)


    Ah I see =). Well sadly I cannot pass such remarks because this was the only FF game that I have played >.< (yes I cannot believe it myself).


    Damn I really wanted to see the end of the story!! But like I said, I was way too lazy to train up my characters =(.


  • Ferolare said:

    Well, the only frustrating thing about VIII is its Junction/Magic Stock system. As long as one keeps the average (battle) party low and has plenty of high-level magicks in stock and junction’ed (obtained through drawing/card mod/refining), the game will probably be a breeze..until all your characters hit maximum level. xD

    /back to XIII =3


  • BlackSun88 said:

    i just finished this game in pc today. yes today!! i agree that the grinding part (lvl-ing, hunting item, winning card, drawing magic) is sort of boring. however, the junction system is actually unique and i enjoyed it after a while, especially my character become very strong with all those strong magic. not to mentioned the beautiful animation, story and music that nv fail to amaze me. the only part that i want to complain is the sudden change in the personality of squall when rinoa was unconscious and become very irrational, totally different from what he was presented before. it gaves me a feeling of those ridiculous romance show and i almost drop it. luckily, it get over very soon and i would say this is really a classic good game ^^ glad that i had the chance to play this


  • scsa20 said:

    FFXII and FXIII has been on the PSN Store for about 3 or so months now…

    And I own the original PSX versions of the game that I play on my PS3. I remember when I did played it on the original PSX that it seemed kinda hard but fun. But now that I play it again, I noticed how easy it is (haven’t played it in a long time now, still only on the first disc, what does that tell ya?) where all you had to do is GF spam. Good game nonetheless.


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