Final Fantasy XIII Launched In Hong Kong

Final Fantasy XIII didn’t launch only in Japan, it also hit the stores in Hong Kong! Hoo! There were playable FFXIII demos and also, folks dressed up as characters from the game, like Lightning, Snow, etc!

Final Fantasy XIII Launched In Hong Kong

Final Fantasy XIII Launched In Hong Kong

I like the outfit, but the hair color is wrong >_>.

Source: Kotaku

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  • atmchino said:

    is it in kanji or chinese characters? …not that the english-international version of the game would be understood in china either

  • Reltair said:

    Is this a Chinese translation, or just the Japanese version?

    I want the English-international version! =O

  • zenical (Author) said:

    @ atmchino Reltair: Uh no. Normally R3 releases tend to be Japanese version too! Very few R3 Japanese Games will be english.. unless they specify!

  • Q said:

    @ atmchino & Reltair:
    They’re the Japanese versions. Sometimes games will have translated manuals but that’s it. Very few games will have localised Chinese in-game text translations too. May sound like a pain for Westerners not understanding the things, but it’s something that a lot of Hongkongers have got used to it a long, long time ago.

  • BlackSun88 said:

    as long as she is cute then ok ^^


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