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Music Japan Anisong Special 2 Screens

Written by: zenical on 25 January 2010 at 11:59 pm 11 Comments

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Having looped the Anisong SP2 countless of times over the past 2 weeks, I decided that I need to blog about this. It’s amazing!! :D Screens provided. Music Japan Anisong Special 2 was broadcasted on 10 January 2010.

And I’m sorry about the pictures ratio, it’s the video >_<.

Here’s the songs performed by the various singers, in order of apperance:

  1. 中島 愛 – ジェリーフィッシュの告白 (Kobato ED)
  2. ELISA – Dear My Friend ーまだ見ぬ未来へー (To aru Kagaku no Railgun ED1)
  3. May’n – pink monsoon (Macross Frontier Movie Insert)
  4. May’n/中島 愛 – ライオン (Macross Frontier OP2)
  5. Kalafina – 光の旋律 (So-Ra-No-Wo-To OP)
  6. 妖精帝國 – 霊喰い (Ga-rei: Zero Insert)
  7. 堀江由衣 – YAHHO!! (Kanamemo ED)
  8. 水樹奈々 – PHANTOM MINDS (Nanoha the MOVIE 1st OP)
  9. JAM Project – SKILL (PlayStation 2 game 2nd Super Robot Wars Alpha opening & ending theme)

Megumi Nakajima came in singing Kobato ED song, ジェリーフィッシュの告白. Personally I only caught a few episodes of the anime, and I don’t feel any connection to the song at all. But I can tell that she’s pretty nervous, well, I know I will too, if I’m going to appear on TV =X I prefer Nakajima’s faster tempo songs. This song is just too slow for me! But yeah, I love her voice ^^

Ahh~ ELISA is so pretty and tall!!!! I first saw her singing LIVE at Animelo 2008, and I didn’t know how pretty she is ^^. I heard some of her older songs when I caught some other anime shows like Nabari no Ou. She sang Dear My Friend ーまだ見ぬ未来へ, Railgun ED. My gawd, I’m hooked on the anime now, and I love both the OP and ED! During some parts of the song she sounded as if she wasn’t going to hit the note, but she made it. And her outfit is just wow! She is probably the only person wearing such a grand outfit, as compared to the rest!

I’m not going to touch much on May’n since I hate pink monsoon. Too slow. Oh and we appeared on Music Japan, because she performed at AFA09, and yeah I saw a pretty crazy fanboy jumping like mad in the video during her performance. LOL.

This part is the best! Nakajima and May’n singing Lion, what more could you ask for? Also the crowd was cheering like mad when they performed.

I never heard of Kalafina at all; so this is my first time hearing them. I totally did not notice they sang the OP song for So-Ra-No-Wo-To. This just proves that I’m not watching the anime now, but I seen Episode 1 so far – guess I forgot the song totally. LOL. I like their voice, I will check more of their past songs now *runs off*

Again, someone I don’t know. Despite watching Ga rei: Zero anime, I totally didn’t realised that was the insert song for the anime! LOL. I’m certainly listening to too many songs that I can’t remember every single song I heard in anime series ><

ITS HORIE YUI, HOCCHAN!!!!! AHHHH *fangirl screams* Knowing that she performed LIVE recently last year at Budokan and also Animelo 2009, I’m getting slightly impatient just waiting for the LIVE to be out on Blu-ray >_<. Watching YAHHO!! on SP2 is the best thing for 2010 so far XD. I was really looking forward to watching YAHHO!! live since the other LIVES she did was in 2007 and 2008. 2007 being her Christmas Live, and 2008, her Animelo debut with her Gothic Band. And also I realised Hocchan has a pretty big fanbase too. Many fans were cheering during her performance of YAHHO!!

Regardless, I’m waiting for next month to come – Animelo 2009 Blu-ray!! ^^

I really envy the folks who were able to watch Nana perform PHANTOM MINDS live – like 2 months earlier?! And it’s LIVE! T_T. Well the LIVE of PHANTOM MINDS is good, and the outfit looked even better in real life compared to the single. LOL. I’m sure many other Nana fans feel the same way. Music Japan > Single Cover :D

I’m not a listener of JAM Project songs at all, but I did watch their LIVE for Animelo 2008. Gotta say, they have lots of energy. “MOTTO MOTTO!!!”

And that is not all, the full broadcast, that is more songs for you – will be on 13 February 2010. So see you next month! :D

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  • Donyea said:

    Seems like it would be good lol


    zenical Reply:

    it’s awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >< *FANGIRL SCREAMING*


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  • Bévue said:

    Hocchan in LIVE performing YAHHO !!
    Oh god T_T


  • Bévue said:

    did you see*


    zenical Reply:

    by the usage of internet to get this video. heh :D


  • Bévue said:

    Did you see Vanilla Salt ?
    It is awesome. Go check on Youtube.


    zenical Reply:

    I already watched it.. no need to youtube ;)


    Bévue Reply:

    I hate you.
    Everywhere I go, the only way left I have to find new things about Horie Yui is Youtube. :’(
    Life sucks.


    zenical Reply:

    You need me… your source XD


  • lacus_hapsari said:

    Yes, I very agree with you..
    ELISA is so pretty and elegant…

    I have download it…Now I’m downloading the full version..
    HMO to Kano Nakano Hito (PAw Lab.) – Kimi ni, Mune Kyun. -Uwaki na Vacance- (FYI: This song is done with vocaloid)
    Nakajima Megumi – Seikan Hikou
    ELISA – euphoric field
    May’n – Infinity
    Kalafina – ARIA
    Yousei Teikoku – Patriot Anthem
    Horie Yui – Vanilla Salt
    Mizuki Nana – BRAVE PHOENIX
    Mizuki Nana – SUPER GENERATION
    JAM Project – Rescue Fire
    JAM Project – HERO

    I think you cannot watch it in youtube since NHK deleted all music japan sp2 videos..


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