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Top 10 Ways To Look Cool To Girls

Written by: zenical on 15 March 2010 at 10:27 am 14 Comments

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A somewhat interesting article has surfaced at SankakuComplex..  How to look cool to girls.. The results are somewhat expected for some of them..

Here is the list:

1. Treat girls to things

2. Carry things which are too heavy for her

3. Make flashy plays in sports in front of girls

4. Treat your kouhai [subordinates, etc] to things

5. Sing a ballad at karaoke

6. Gaze off distantly

7. Store up miscellaneous knowledge and suddenly disclose it

8. Undo the top two buttons of your shirt

9. Make sure you have a slanting forelock/bang

10. Languidly loosen your necktie

I kinda agree with #1 and #2, though it’s not really necessary. Oh wait did I mention I have a guy friend who totally gave me his stuff to carry for him at an event? My reaction was like O_O why am I carrying for you?? He insisted on carrying my stuff, so I gave it to him, only to be given back a few hours later, and in addition, I had to carry his stuff XD.

So which of the 10 ways above would you most likely be doing to impress a girl? ;)

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  • yamada said:

    Treat her dinner!


    zenical Reply:

    WHO is the lucky girl…. :3


  • Blowfish said:

    I cant see why treating people is cool.
    Personally I am all for splitting the costs.Making the guy pay everything is sexist ! :D


    GNdynames Reply:

    For me, it’s a sign of the person not being cheap. Every time I go the bars with my friend I usually pick up the tab for beer even though he’s somewhat annoyed by this as he’s usually the one that drinks 3/4 of whatever we buy. But he’s helped me loads of times through personal crisis so I feel it’s a small price to pay.

    As for the females, I think it’s more of how the media portrays that it turns into an unspoken rule.


    zenical Reply:

    treat me one of these days!


    GNdynames Reply:

    If you ever decide to come to Canada then all right. I’m desperate for a female companion anyway. Cuz, you know, I have no idea what I’m going to do with the snow Miku nendo that’s arriving in June.


    zenical Reply:

    the first time.. you should.. lol but then again someone claims that these type of stuff is made up. Haha. -.-


  • Donyea said:

    I do 2,6,7 and 8 a lot. Don’t do 1 beacause no one to do it for


    zenical Reply:

    Why not? ;)


  • phossil said:

    “8. Undo the top two buttons of your shirt” what if my shirt doesnt have buttons? Oh nooo!


    Donyea Reply:

    Then you are in truoble lol


    zenical Reply:

    what type of shirt do you wear then? LOL


    H4x0r Reply:

    lol. most of my shirts have buttons on top xD


  • GNdynames said:

    1 and 2 are a given, I’ve already explained 4.

    As for 3, I’m not sure if getting beat up in kendo count. I can’t sing, and I can’t gaze off if I’m aware that I’m gazing off. As for misc knowledge, most of the stuff I know are math and physics related and they don’t make much sense to the untrained mind. My hair is usually pretty short and whenever I’m wearing a buttoned shirt I wear a tie, and my tie is always on tight because a loose tie looks really unprofessional.


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