A Look on “The Legend of the Legendary Heroes”

Well, it’s that time of year where it’s the boss’s birthday month and I feel obligated to do at least 1 post during the month so as not to disappoint her, so here I am. :D  Yup. And if you’re wondering what I will be posting about, look no further than the title. That’s right, I will be touching on The Legend of the Legendary Heroes/Denestsu no Yuusha no Densetsu.

Title: The Legend of the Legendary Heroes / Denestsu no Yuusha no Densetsu
Genre: Fantasy, Magic, Comedy, Action, Adventure
Duration: 26 Episodes – 30 minutes each
Main Seiyuu Cast: Daisuke Ono, Jun Fukuyama & Ayahi Takagaki

Quick overview of the plot

Basically, the series is set in a continent made up of multiple countries, each with their own form of magic. Wars break out every now and then in a bid to ensure stability for one’s own country by flaunting supremacy against all the other countries.

That’s basically the overview of the series. A giant chessboard, with each chess piece holding different kind of abilities. But wait…. there’s more. You didn’t think that would be the entire plot of a series that uses the word ‘Legend’ twice now would it.

Yes. I’ve left out 2 key element that separates this show from the others.

1. The deception & sneakiness that hovers around the entire series once you get past episode 6-8.
2. The search for Legendary Artifacts – Weapons that grant users crazy abilities.


Name: Ryner Lute

Ryner is the aloof hero. He isn’t your usual pumped to go guy. His favorite pastime is to take an afternoon nap whenever he can. Despite his air of aloofness, he carries with him a great power, the Alpha Stigma. It’s power lies in his eyes, and when he evokes it, it allows him to analyze magic his opponents are using and be able to use it as well.

Name: Ferris Eris

I may have taken a wrong screen capture of her here, cause she actually does look calm and amicable in this shot. I assure you, she is not. Ferris is a beast. Even without using any form of magic abilities, her raw skills enable her to go on par with large group of opponents, even able to put fear into Legendary Artifact users. Oh.. and she loves Dango.

Name: Sion Astal

The legendary hero who ‘survived’ the ambush battle he and his classmates were sent to a few years back. Back then, he was still a nobody, keeping his illegitimate royal blood a secret. Too bad for him, the nobles caught wind of it and sent his entire squadron into an ambush against a rival army. Only 2 others, excluding him, survived that day.

Sion is the calm and hardworking king that every citizen loves because everything he does always benefits the middle and lower classes somehow, something that drives the nobles totally mad.

Why You Should Watch This

It’s just magical. Granted that the first few episodes seem a little dull, but it’s all in the name of building up a plot and its characters, creating linkages, linking every character one by one.

I wouldn’t say that the show’s darkness, deceit and sneakiness is unique to the show alone, but the presentation of it is excellent. As you would know, no kingdom is flawless. There are always the extremist who always want things a certain way and let’s just say that there is one such person on Sion’s personal guards that would try to take things to an extreme.

Another reason to watch would be the adventure. Every episode seems to throw me into the world of LOL-Heroes and watching each plot unfold is just breathtaking. While there aren’t super page turner scenes, it’s still a good watch.

So why should you watch this? Because it’s better than half the shows being shown in this season. And also, it’s currently at Episode 17, so there’s a good 9 more episodes to go, so catching up won’t be that bad.

I give LOL-Heroes 4.5/5 stars

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