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After 1 Week of Battlefield 3..

Written by: zenical on 3 November 2011 at 3:03 pm One Comment

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After a week plus of playing Battlefield 3 on my PlayStation 3, I’m here to give my short impressions of the game multiplayer mode. Yeah you heard me right, I was just playing the multiplayer mode as I didn’t have any time to play the single player campaign :D

Why not the PC version of Battlefield 3? Well my computer can’t support the game hence I decided to use my PS3. Well regardless most of my friends are on PS3 so yeah, PS3 ver. it is for Battlefield 3!

To start off, what did I not enjoy about the multiplayer mode?

1. Campers camping in Rush Mode

Majority of my games are Conquest, whereby we have to capture flags. The number of points varies from A-C or A-D. What I realised is – Rush mode requires attacking side to arm the bomb while defending side has to disarm. Most of the games I played were horrible. I see people just camping in a corner, in a building, spamming RPG. Like seriously? Rush mode is useless. I am so much better off playing Conquest!

2. Tehran Highway Lags Like Hell

This is the only map on Conquest that lags A LOT when I’m playing the game. I can barely see where I’m running to at times. At times I even miss the spot to plant the C4 on the tank -_- However I heard that there’s a server patch which will fix the problems to the lag issue. Hopefully it will..

3. Forming a squad before joining a game only to be alone.

Seriously I don’t know what’s the point of offering the squad formation before joining a game if they decided to disband us in the actual game -_-. Sometimes I’m on a different team from my friends!!

4. It’s hard to pilot the Jet with my DualShock 3

Lol. I spent like 30 mins to 1 hour on the Jet, most of them crashing and dying off xD. It’s tough to control. And more so, hard to kill anything!!

Well there are a lot more but these tend to piss me off a lot. :P

Overall the game is fairly enjoyable – I haven’t tried the co-op mode of single player campaign, but I suppose it is quite fun? Yeah. I love the graphics of the game too. It’s awesome to jump off a heli-pad and wait for the moment to pull my parachute out ^^ .

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  • DragonHunter said:

    Battlefield 3 is NOT designed for PS3 and its the reason you will find problems playing on PS3 like failing to pilot a jet, lag and etc. If you want a full experience of Battlefield 3, get a PC version and you will then know the difference. The only problem with the PC is that there is no menu and must be launched using Battlelog via a web browser and camping in city maps.


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