StylipS Anniversary Disc「Step One!!」[09.01.13]

The most awesome release for the start of the year – StylipS Anniversary Disc「Step One!!」, which contains remix and solo songs CD including all songs performed during the live event “Crazy Romance” held at Zepp Tokyo in September 2012.

Album release comes available in 2 editions: Blu-ray or DVD.

Track-listing of CD

  1. STUDY×STUDY(Lesson 3 in wonderland)
  2. Honey Groove(Shy & Chic Rock)
  3. ベイビィKISS☆ feat. 石原夏織
  4. 初恋EVOLUTION feat. 能登有沙
  5. Can you choose me?(instrumental)
  6. Choose me♡ダーリン(Under the mirrorball)
  7. MIRACLE RUSH feat. 小倉 唯
  8. セーシュンプラン!(Party Style)
  9. Fragile Crazy feat. 松永真穂
  10. Brand-new Style!! ~魔法みたいなShow time~(Happy diver)
  11. TSU・BA・SA

Songlist of DVD/Blu-ray

  1. Choose me♡ダーリン
  2. MC ~ クレイジーに盛り上がりましょ!
  3. ベイビィKISS☆
  5. Fragile Crazy
  6. Honey Groove
  7. MC ~ 例のアレを持って来てくれたまえ
  9. Brand-new Style!! ~魔法みたいなShow time
  10. MC ~ まだまだいけますか?
  12. MC ~ 想いのたけを言っちゃおうかな
  13. セーシュンプラン!

Title[Blu-ray+CD+Mini Photo Book] StylipS Anniversary Disc「Step One!!」
Catalog Number: 
Release Date: 9 January 2013
Retail Price
: 4,800 yen
Preorder atCDJapan

Title[DVD+CD] StylipS Anniversary Disc「Step One!!」
Catalog Number: 
Release Date: 9 January 2013
Retail Price
: 3,500 yen
Preorder atCDJapan

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