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Zo-chan says: “Welcome!”

This is Zo-chan, our Zotaku mascot! Her birthday is on 6 September 2009.

She originated from the outfit Yui Horie (Hocchan) wore during her 2006 live. A bunny outfit! Zenical voiced out to her then-fellow writer of doing a mascot based on the idea of character having bunny ears and this is the end result.

Zo-chan has gone through two wardrobe changes. Originally she wore a beige top and light blue skirt. She now wears a navy blue top and maroon skirt.

A letter from Zenical

How It Came

What initially started as a one-man show back in 2007 is now a group of writers writing for Zotaku. Zotaku was officially started on 24 August 2008. I have been blogging since 2007, so that’s 5 years and counting! We have 3 active writers(including me) and a retired writer who is busy with work now.

Currently Zotaku is running on WordPress v2.9.1 using the Arthemia Theme as a base. So far we have moved to 3 different themes, having tweaked each of them to fully utilize our blogging space and home.

If you are interested to know more about the writers do continue reading!

What are we about?

With the 3 current writers being very excited at times over anime series, 2D characters, singers, idols, it really is about expressing our interest, opinions to you, our readers.  Time to time I post loot posts to share with the world my loves.

What do we blog?

One thing we’re focused on are figurines and anime toys updates. We love Good Smile Company, Alter, Wave, and many more. We are big fans of the big-headed figurines… I mean Nendoroids! Don’t know what I am talking about? Stay around longer and you might know! Do you love Nana Mizuki, SCANDAL, Yui Horie, YUI? Well this is the place for any updates on them ^^ as I am truly obsessed over them. For 2D characters you can expect many poison posts for characters like Fate Testarossa, Akiyama Mio, Misaka Mikoto, Shinonono Houki.

Of course.. This isn’t just any figurine news site. We post up our loots too! We love collecting as much as you do.

Now and then we blog up anime news and some impressions of several anime series!

In the future, I really hope for me to take my photography to the next level with my DSLR. Hopefully I can work out doing some figurine reviews for the readers.

Webmaster, Admin of Zotaku


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Writers Introduction

Zotaku currently has 3 active writers – Zenical, M, and Guuzen

Webmaster / Admin of Zotaku
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From: Singapore
Collects: Figurines, CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, character goods.
Gaming: PS3, PSP, former NDS owner.

People tend to call me Zen for short. I am in love with YUI, Nana Mizuki and Yui Horie (Hocchan!) and SCANDAL. Well if you have been following Zotaku for a LONGGG time you would know that by now already!

I started watching anime since I was young (e.g. Digimon, Pokemon, Naruto. Anime fan-crazy mode officially started in 2006 when I finally had my own personal computer. Then, I chanced upon animeblogs while looking for YUI songs (lol I am a fan of YUI), so my path to blogging started in mid-2007 with a hosted domain on ab.net. Soon after I decided it was time to move on to having my own domain so here I am! While blogging I found out there are much more things to blog than the usual anime reviews. I started buying CDs, sharing my love, posting up figurine updates, and so this is what Zotaku is today!

By the way the girl beside is Yui Horie(Hocchan), in case you didn’t know *_*


From: Singapore
Collects: Games & Comics
Gaming: PC, PS3, PSP, NDS, Nintendo Wii, X360

So… I’m M. I’ve been with the site since zeNIME V3.0, so yeah. Haven’t stopped since. It was around 2007/2008 where Zen-san invited me to write for zeNIME. When we shifted here, I tagged along as well.

My first anime would probably be Doraemon. Back then, I didn’t know what anime was. Everything animated was just labelled as cartoon for me. Years went by, my ‘watch list’ expanded to stuff like Magic Knights Rayearth, Pokemon, Digimon, the 4Kids dubbed ver. of One Piece, Akazukin Chacha. Pretty old stuff. But the first anime-anime for me would be….. Girls Bravo, followed by Maburaho. That was around 2005? 2006? After 2007, I decided to immerse myself more into anime and yeah, I’m now basically watching 70% of the new shows each season. Oh, I also started watching J-Dramas around 2009? Haven’t stopped since.

I first started gaming… On my Game Boy Color. First game, Pokemon Yellow. Awesome stuff. Then I moved on to the Sega Saturn, then the PlayStation 1, the Dreamcast after, then it was the original XBOX and right after that, the rest followed. I mainly immerse myself in either music-related games (e.g. Rock Band) or fight-based games (e.g. Super Street Fighter IV).

Lastly, my post count is pretty low in comparison to boss and Guuzen, so I’ll try to increase the frequency of my posts in the future.

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From: Singapore
Collects: Games, Gundam models (starting to!)
Gaming: PC, PS3, PSP

I started taking a liking into video games way before anime because like every other kid, I love to play. I started out with PC gaming, and then took a liking into the Sega Megadrive. I moved onto the PlayStation 1 and Game Boy Pocket and then pretty much went back to PC gaming until I got the PlayStation 3 recently in 2010. I have a PlayStation Portable (1st Gen), but don’t use it much anymore ever since the analog stick started getting faulty.

So, anime! I started with American cartoons first like Tom & Jerry, Dexter’s Lab, and Ed, Edd n Eddy (personal favorite). Then I watched Pokemon and was pleasantly surprised at how different the look and feel is. I got hooked onto that and continued exploring deeper into this brand new world and got exposed to series like Magic Knight Rayearth, Vandread, and Rurouni Kenshin. After that I have just stuck to anime and forgotten about cartoons (except for Disney’s!). I just love their storytelling and how they tend to make viewers grow attached to the characters.

Before coming over to Zotaku, I was running my own little blog over at guuzen.wordpress.com. I was focusing on video games a lot while adding bits and pieces of anime stuff. You can find out more by reading my introductory post.