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Hetalia- Almost time for Season 3 *Updated
Update: Hetalia Season 2/3 transition episode was released. Apparently episode
Hetalia Fandisk- Extra Episodes and Content
I admit that I've grown slightly impatient waiting for the third season of Heta
Kaichou wa Maid-Sama!
A while back I heard about a series called Kaichou wa Maid-Sama! (Class Presiden
Katsucon: Loots and Fun!
Over this past weekend I went to my first anime convention EVER. Not only was it
Kuroshitsuji Season II This July 2010
After much waiting, the second season of Kuroshitusji has been officially announ
Its finally come to the end of my 4 week long winter vacation; tomorrow I
Final Fantasy-Dancing Mad, A Critical Analysis
If for some reason it is unknown... I am a huge fan of Final Fantasy.  Fi
Winter 2010 Anime Line-up
I was in despair during most of the Fall season; there just wasn't anything that
K-ON! Gets Season 2!
Moe fanboys across the world rejoice~! It has been officially announced that K-O
Skip Beat – Valentines Day Arc
Since recently there hasn't really been an anime I've been into (Besides hetalia
It Snowed!!!
If my username wasn't enough of a hint... I'm a BIG fan of snow! And currently I
Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Trailer!
I'll admit, I'm far from a big fan of Fate/Stay Night. I always thought it was a
Hetalia Season 3 To Come!
A third season of Hetalia Axis Powers has been announced to start airing i
This Girl Doesn’t Understand Anime Characters
As I was roaming the internet I came across a post describing a female pos
Okamiden Trailer!
Several months ago I posted about my excitements over the newly announced DS
Gonzo Stripped of Strike Witches
The second series of loli-pantsu anime Strike Witches is no longer being produce