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abao is zenical’s real life friend. We didn’t talk a lot last time – until we found out that we have a common love. NANA MIZUKI! XDXD. Since then.. We’ve been going crazy over Nana. Currently serving the army, abao tries to catch up on his anime dosage when he returns on the weekends. Thus, he hardly has time to write his blog atm. (He used to post pictures of the magazines he buys, always looking forward to those posts!)

Gargron at Anime2

Gargron and Co, blogs about anime episodes. Fancy reading an episode review? Hop on over!


AS runs Animesugoi. Used to comment at his site regularly until slowly it went into hiatus mode. Currently it’s quite active – so worth checking it out. They do random things, so random people must check them out XD.


phossil blogs about technology, anime and life. He also blogs about his personal life. Hope to read more posts! ^^

Joints are okay

One of the many figma collectors who is also blogging. He creates his own stories with his figma collection. Big collection of figma on the blog, worth checking it out! ^_^ Zenical wish to see more stories of his figma characters!


Fellow local blogger who blogs in Chinese ^_^”. Hop on over if you know Chinese!  Haha.

danie’s shopping log

A Nana fangirl who resides in Australia. Just stalk her blog everyday if you want to know everything about Nana XD.

Daybreak’s Bell

As far as zenical knows, Q is a HongKonger stuck in the UK for studies. Like zenical, some figurines are limited there in HK. Perhaps that was how zenical and Q got to know each other – finding the precious Figma Fate T Harlaown (which Singapore and HongKong couldn’t get due to shortfall) Q has tons of Gunpla news – perhaps that was why his blog was called Daybreak’s Bell. Gundam 00 OP anyone?

Exelica Meteor

back in action!

Flying Pussyfoot

zenical was introduced to resin kits by blowfish. Simply awesome. He does Figurine Reviews too. What can I say? The guy has talent. He resides in Germany currently. Maybe she’ll go there to visit blowfish one day, maybeeee.


Fellow local blogger who wants to be a Stormtrooper. Or he is one already. He attends Cosplay Events in his trooper suit. Haven’t actually met him before. Maybe I need to keep an eye out for a Stormtrooper in future events ~_~.


Fellow local blogger who is currently studying in the same school as zenical. What a small world! I hope to see him around in school someday.. Reading his blog is partly the reason why I am buying more nendoroids now ^_^”.


Enjoy reading Rin and his otaku hobby. He purchases  A LOT of figurines XD.

Konadora’s Otaku Rantings

Fellow otaku blogger with his episode reviews rantings and stuff. School is killing him from what I know XD.


Enjoy moyism and his posts on anything seiyuu-related. Also a fellow Nana fanboy! Woots.


A HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE Saber Fanboy. And his nick GNdynames can just about inform you that he’s into Gunpla =P.


Optic also known as Gaz, the two of us enjoy shooting at each other on our respective blogs. Visit his blog(and also zotaku XD) to see the fun stuff we post!

Otaku Dan

 Read about his otaku-related thoughts. Also includes his personal blog posts which are interesting to read.


Currently on hiatus~

Project Saber

Reltair, who just started following me, has a blog, and from his url, you know that he’s a Saber fanboy too :P. A collector of figurines and also a gamer, his blog is a fun read!

Saku’s AFK Corner

Zenical has no idea how Saku’s came up with the AFK corner name. But interesting name since Saku and AFK rhythms. It does does it not? He does his shoots in backyards (sometimes) and also is a gamer (just bought a ps3, that lucky dude). Zenical envies him because he has a backyard that is so suitable for doing shoots of figurines!! Well, fear not, I have a park which is only a few metres away =P.


Bluesnow’s friend in his world! Lol. Had problems going to the site because of some ip banning issue. But all is fine now. If you get a DNS error, do contact him =/ Your IP address might be in the range of banned addreses >_>

The Banzai Effect

The Banzai Effect, managed by oOgA. oOgA is extremely devoted to blogging, so do check his site for daily updates. They range mostly on anime news, figurines updates and etc. And yes, he is a fellow Singaporean Blogger, so do support him by visiting his site! ^_^