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Fairy Tail Sketches Tweeted by Mangaka
Here are a couple of Fairy Tail sketches tweeted by mangaka Hiro Mashima over th
Switch Girl!! Manga Enters Final Arc
The wraparound jacket on the 21st volume of Switch Girl!! manga revealed that th
Inu × Boku SS Manga Enters Final Arc
The official website for Square Enix's Gangan Joker magazine states that Inu ×
Kaibutsu Oujo Manga Ends in February
Kaibutsu Oujo (Princess Resurrection) manga will end in the April issue of Kodan
Kampfer Manga to End in 10th Volume
The 9th volume of the manga adaptation of Kampfer light novel series revealed th
Manga Seiyuu ka—! To End
Manga creator Maki Minami is ending her Seiyuu ka—! manga series in this year'
Kamisama Dolls Manga to End in February
According to the February issue of Shogakukan's Monthly Sunday GX magazine, Kami
Liar Game: Reborn Movie Gets Spinoff TV Drama
The second Liar Game movie, is getting a spinoff TV drama on Fuji TV. The spinof
Valentine Day Cookies Based On Gambling Manga Akagi
The online store for Takeshobo's Kindai Mahjong manga magazine has begun accepti
Liar Game Manga Gets 2nd Live-Action Film
Hooray! Liar Game 2nd Live-action film? I am so in. The 45th issue of Shueisha's
Do You Want To Read This Final Fantasy Type-0 Manga?
More Final Fantasy to poison yourself. The October issue of Square Enix's Shonen
Kimi ni Todoke Manga Still Well Received
Kimi ni Todoke has been doing really well and the reception is very good. And yo
K-ON! Manga Ends This September
Your favorite dosage of manga bits of the K-ON! girls might have helped you thro
US, Japanese Publishers Unite Against Scan Sites
How many of you guys read manga? I guess majoritiy of the folks maximizes the In
Kaichou wa Maid-Sama!
A while back I heard about a series called Kaichou wa Maid-Sama! (Class Presiden
Skip Beat – Valentines Day Arc
Since recently there hasn't really been an anime I've been into (Besides hetalia