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Shining Hearts Seiyuu Cast
The official site for Shining Hearts ~Shiawase no Pan~ has listed additional cas
Aya Hirano Banned From New Anime
If you haven't heard Aya Hirano in any of the new anime series, don't be surpris
Aki Toyosaki Is A Surprising Gamer!
Some of you may think she's the kind of girl that carries her Nintendo DS around
Aya Hirano Fans Enraged, Destroy Collection
I'm sure most of you read the drama that has been going around popular voice act
Nana Mizuki Voices Unico
Osamu Tezuka's classic work "Unico" is being turned into a "movie comic" for mob
Aya Hirano Using Twitter For 1 Day Only
Wow! Voice Actress Aya Hirano(best known for Haruhi and Konata) is going to use
Chihara Minori Slept With Little Brother
My friend showed me this earlier just now. My reaction? "LOL". Seiyuu and singer
Voice Newtype Ranking – Top 10 Seiyuu
The latest Seiyuu Charts in Voice Newtype(Seiyuu Magazine) will make all Nana fa
Endou Aya 綾 遠藤
It's been a while since I've written a Seiyuu Sunday post. I'm actually so rusty
Kana Hanazawa 花澤 香菜
And the next dosage of Seiyuu Sunday! Today's feature is proudly chosen by guuze
Yu Kobayashi 小林 ゆう
Another dosage of Seiyuu Sunday for readers! Earlier this week I met up with the
Aki Toyosaki 豊崎 愛生
My brain is a bit dry today, so I was out of ideas as to who to feature, but the
Houko Kuwashima 桑島 法子
A little late in posting the next Seiyuu Sunday feature - I totally forgot about
Kana Ueda 植田 佳奈
And another dosage of Seiyuu Sunday today! Featuring Kana Ueda! I have watched m
Hitomi Nabatame 生天目 仁美
Another week has passed, and it's time for another dose of Seiyuu Sunday. This w
Minako Kotobuki 寿 美菜子
Another Sunday today, and time for our weekly feature of Seiyuu Sunday! Today, I