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Journey Through The Decade of Anime Characters [Girl Version]
Many thanks to Matteas for this interesting idea(via user Bayonette).
How Do You Know If Someone Is An Otaku?
I found this a somewhat interesting read - over five hundred individuals in Japa
May 2010 Stats
I finally ended my examinations in Mid-May, can't help but feel extremely reliev
We’re Back?
So we went for a temporary hiatus mode because I was having my exams and the oth
April 2010 Stats
I don't remember my month of April to be about blogging on Zotaku. LOL. I have l
March 2010 Stats
After a busy February, March was somewhat free for me, but I still have a final
Top 10 Ways To Look Cool To Girls
A somewhat interesting article has surfaced at SankakuComplex.. How to look coo
February 2010 Stats
February 2010 stats for folks interested how we have been doing. Things aren't t
Chinese New Year
It's the time of the year whereby I'm busy collecting hong baos, also known as r
January 2010 Stats
January 2010 stats are probably long overdue, but better late than never! 2010 i
Tattoo of Feito-chan on Back
The things fans do to show their love for their singers, idols, etc is simply in
Zotaku Version 2: New Layout
Last night I broke the theme layout of Zotaku by updating the Wordpress Version.
Drawing On Microsoft Excel!
People are always doing amazing things. I remember last time when I was am
December 2009 Stats
I'm a little late in posting the December 2009 stats this time round, life has b
2009: The Figurines Count
2009 is coming to an end, and well I was organizing my 2009 expenditure. Decided
Doggy In The House!
Testing out several shots of the dog who's in my house today. She's of a Jack Ru