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YUI Returns to Music as Part of Band “FLOWER FLOWER”
YUI who previously went on hiatus last year, will resume her activities as part
Do You Want Domino Pizzas with Miku?
So besides having a Domino's Pizza x Hatsune Miku iOS app, the pizzas might be d
Hatsune Miku Now Has Her Own 7-Inch Tablet
Hatsune Miku is taking over the electronics sector with the upcoming 7-inch Andr
One Piece Bento Boxes
Check out these delicious bento boxes featuring the anime series One Piece. This
K-ON! “School” to Be Designated as Cultural Asset
In the 21 September report, the Japan's Council for Cultural Affairs recommended
Bandai’s Robot Toy Is Made From 6 Disney Characters
Tamashii Nations, Bandai's high-end brand that is famous for anime collectibles,
18-Meter Rei Figure From Evangelion In Tokyo
The Minna no Evangelion Fan blog has posted images of the 18.5-meter long figure
These Evangelion Cakes Pretty Interesting And Expensive
Spotted these oishii cakes earlier, seems like you can eat these cake while wait
The official website of the Liar Game film has started streaming a 96 seconds fu
62nd Kouhaku Uta Gassen Performance Order
While school is consuming much of my time to devote myself more to any type of n
Liar Game: Reborn Trailer
The official website of the Liar Game film has started streaming a 34 seconds te
Gamers Heart Japan
This is a 60-minute video on Japan's video game industry. Please take some time
Radiation Dosage Chart
There are reports of contaminated Japan food products reported in the media. Peo
Tokyo Is Not A Ghost Town
Been reading the news of Japan for a few days ever since I returned from my trip
Japan Earthquake: Dog Refuses To Leave Injured Dog Behind
Caught this off my friend's Facebook wall. The video is really touching! The dog
Japan Earthquake – 11 March 2011
News continue to come in about Japan's devastating earthquake and tsunami which