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Happy New Year! 2011 Flew By!
Happy New Year to all readers! [...]
Kalafina Coming For AFA11, More Details Announced
More details of the upcoming Anime Festival Asia 11 has been announced yesterday
I Forgot Zotaku 3rd Year: Happy Belated Birthday?
Oh crap, clearly I am aging but not to this extent?! How could I forget that 24
AFA11 – I Love Anisong Concert Confirmed Artistes
Some artistes are confirmed for AFA11 happening this 11-13 November 2011, as rev
I attended this little cosplay event in Funan DigitalLife Mall on 10 April 2011
CDJapan and HLJ: Donating Part Of Their Sales
Dear folks who are regulars of CDJapan and HobbyLink Japan. For the next two wee
Jplex Vol.01 @ Republic Polytechnic, Singapore
For all you local anime lovers, you may be interested in an event called Jplex [
Square Enix 1st Production Dept. Premiere Trailers
Square Enix hosted the 1st Production Department Premier, a press conference for
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year to all readers! It was the first day of 2011 for me yesterday, mi
AFAX – Main Stage Highlights Details
The main stage highlights details are finally out, as seen over at the Official
Happy Birthday Zenical!
Yes, it is that time of the year again when we celebrate Zenical's birthday!
A Very Belated Happy Birthday to M!
Happy (belated) birthday to our writer M! [...]
Happy Birthday Hocchan!!
Woot!! Hocchan's Birthday today! It's time to celebrate. But of course on this f
AFAX – I Love Anisong Ticketing Details
Ticketing details for I Love Anisong Concert are out! This time round [...]
AFA X Details Out!
Details for Anime Festival Asia are out. The Official Website has been updated w
We’re 2 Years Old Now. Happy Birthday Zotaku!
I have been too busy playing games or watching anime that it's already 24 August