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Selector Spread Wixoss Announced
In the final episode of the Selector Infected Wixoss anime, it has been announce
Sword Art Online II Bus Tour Set For 7 Countries
Before the premiere of Sword Art Online II next month, seven decorated buses wil
New Gundam Build Fighters Anime Scheduled for Fall 2014
According to the official website for the Gundam Build Fighters anime series, it
Persona 4 Golden Anime Set to Premiere on July 10
The official site for the upcoming series Persona 4 the Golden Animation has be
Shakugan no Shana Creators Reuniting After 3 Years
3 years after the final volume of the light novel series Shakugan no Shana, writ
Fate/stay night Featured for Awa Odori 2014 Posters
Awa Odori Festival is held from 12 to 15 August every year in Tokushima Prefectu
Persona 4 Golden Anime to Premiere This July
During Friday's "Dark Hour TV ~Persona Hour~" live program on Niconico, it has b
Jinsei Light Novel Series Gets Anime
According to the wraparound jacket band on the sixth volume of the light novel s
Life-size Statues of Galilei Donna Sisters to Appear in Odaiba NoitaminA Shop
This November 2, the NoitaminA Shop & Cafe Theater in Odaiba will be display
Madoka Magica: Rebellion 90-Second Trailer
The full 90-second trailer for Puella Magi Madoka Magica The Movie -Rebellion- i
Saki National Tournament Arc Anime Slated for January 2014
According to the 21st issue of Young Gangan magazine, Saki Zenkoku-hen, the anim
Pupa Promo Video Teaser
The first promo video for the horror anime series Pupa is now available for view
Haikyu!! Anime Visual Lists Spring Premiere
According to the visual of Haikyu!!, the anime adaptation will premiere next Spr
Walkure Romanze Commercial Previews OP “Un-delayed”
The commercial for the upcoming anime series Walkure Romanze is now available fo
Golden Time TV Ad
The TV ad for upcoming anime series Golden Time is now available for viewing.
Yu-Sibu Promo Video
The promo video for the anime adaptation of Yuusha ni Narenakatta Ore wa Shibush