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On Monday, it was decided that pedestrians can walk the streets of the Akihabara
In June 2008, a 25-year-old man named Tomohiro Kato got out of a van and started
Voice Actress Received Death Threats
Voice Actress Yurika Ochiai, known for her voice in ToHeart2, Futakoi, Quiz Magi
Osaka R4 Vending Machine To Shut Down
A few months ago I posted about vending machines selling R4. Pay around 4,000 to
Nationwide Roundup of Illegal Uploaders In Japan
Downloading of anime is illegal, but it looks like the time has come for the upl
In the last post I did on Xbox Pirates getting banned from their own hard disks,
Upskirt Photographer Caught on Security Camera
I heard of reports that the new Ipod Nano is used for upskirting purposes, but I
How far are you willing to go in order to get a PS3 console? A Florida teenager
Nintendo has been calling out to the masses previously to rat out R4 retailers.
Man Responsible For Akihabara Murders Says He Deserve Death
Remember the Akihabara murders in June last year? Seven were killed and 10 were
Users who have a modded Xbox console might have found a treat for themselves on
Get Your R4 In a Random Apartment Building
With Nintendo ratting out R4 sellers, it's not strange that you have to resort b
Man Arrested for Stalking Haruna Ikezawa
Another case of seiyuu getting stalked by their fans. On July 10, Japanese polic
Man Arrested for Threats against VA Mai Kadowaki
Police have arrested a 25-year-old unemployed man from Fukuoka, suspected of mai
How crazy are you over Gundams?
So how many of you here has built a Gundam before? You know how much hard work i
Actress Noriko Sakai Arrested for Drug Possession?
Noriko Sakai, actress and singer has been arrested after turning herself in to t