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Pokemon Black And White 2 Announced
Pokemon Black and White 2 have been announced on Sunday morning's Pokemon Smash
Aki Toyosaki Is A Surprising Gamer!
Some of you may think she's the kind of girl that carries her Nintendo DS around
Pokemon Black & White Bundle
Pokemon fans who have not bought the recently released Black & White versions ye
Pokemon Black & White Top Seller In Japan
It has been 3 weeks (now going to 4 weeks) since the release of Pokemon Black &
Love These Love Plus+ DSi LL
Who cares about those new colors for the DSi LL when you can have your own Love
DS Price Drop And New DSi LL Colors
Saw that the Nintendo has announced price drop for the current lineup of DS hard
Love Plus: Bring Her To A Hotel
Looks like Love Plus is more than just your normal average DS game. The latest n
This Might Be The New Nintendo 3DS Touchscreen
I'm sure most of you heard that Nintendo ain't backing down with the console war
DS Trains Part Time Workers At Mac
I'm not so updated with the DS facts, but it turns out that the DS has a strong
New Love Plus and BlazBlue Games Accidentally Confirmed
Check out the upcoming cover of Famitsu. No wait, this is next week's cover! And
Revoltech No.086 Professor Layton
Fans of the Nintendo DS game, the Professor Layton Series, would love to have th
Love Plus Gets Cake
What is Christmas without cake? And as Christmas means spending time with your l
Love Plus Charm Collection
Another set of charm collection for you to purchase. This time, the charms are t
Osaka R4 Vending Machine To Shut Down
A few months ago I posted about vending machines selling R4. Pay around 4,000 to
So what games have you bought this year? One game shop in Japan has listed the t
DSi LL Gets Largest Pie Slice of Japan’s Hardware Sales
Just a little update for folks wondering for the sales of the DSi LL in Japan! A