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The OP animation sequence is nice. The song is catch, the girls are hot. This sh
Well, despite being knee deep in school work at the moment, thought I would come
Kobato Impressions
Kobato, the newest animated series by Clamp is some sort a shojo/fantasy type st
Fall 2009 Anime Line-up
With Summer season ending for most of the shows.. It's time for our Fall 2009 An
Kampfer Promo Video Streamed
Promo Video of Kampfer is now being streamed over at the TBS television station.
Miracle Train Anime this Fall Season
This October, get to see Miracle Train! Smexy guys.. I wonder whether there'll b
Tamagotchi TV Anime to Premiere
Tamagotchi Anime will premiere this coming October. The timeslot has not be
Fairy Tail Anime Announced!
At Zen's Reminder I forgot to announce this the other day. The popular sho
Fall Anime Impressions: Before We Go Winter
Greetings! This is a short preview of our impressions of the Fall Season so far.
Michiko to Hatchin – Episode 1
The first episode of this series surpassed any expectations I had about it
Caught this last night but was too tired to blog about this, until now. If you d
This is on my out list. I don't find anything interesting about a pretty-f
Those eyes, whose eyes are they? I finally watched Chaos;Head after hearing from
Fanservice anyone? Fall kicks off with this in my watch list. Looking forward to
A new slice of life comedy this fall - this was one of the first few shows I cau
Watched Kemeko DX yesterday, while I heard that the show wasn't good. I found it