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Loots: SCANDAL Album, Seipara and Nendoroid Kuroyukihime
Another loot post..These areĀ  backlogged from last year. Hopefully I will remem
Loots: Accel World Vol.4 & Saki Ryuka Character Single
Loots arriving in October 2012 - Accel World Blu-ray Vol.4 and Saki Achiga-hen e
Loots: Nana Mizuki Bright Stream and SCANDAL Taiyou Scandalous!
Loots arriving in August. Big box arrived with SCANDAL posters! Nice. [...]
Loots: Yui Horie Natsu no Yakusoku, Yuru Yuri S2 OP And Kalafina Moonfesta
Loots which arrived back in July~. Sorry for the lag post once again. I thought
Loots: Nana Mizuki And Kalafina!
Loots which arrived in June earlier this year. [...]
Loots: Nendoroid Millhi, Homura and Petanko Mikoto!
More loots. The remaining of my figurines for 2012..Well for now XD. [...]
Loots: Anime Goods Part 2
Anime goods Part 2. Steins Gate Pencil case and Misaka Mikoto handphone strap~ [
Loots: Anime Goods
Since I have a variety of anime goods, hence the short title. [...]
Loots: Senki Zesshou Symphogear Singles
More loots again. This time featuring the singles release from the anime series
Loots: SCANDAL Single/Album and Kalafina LIVE Blu-ray
More loots. Presenting SCANDAL single, Harukaze and album, SCANDAL SHOW. I know
Loots: Synchrogazer and fripSide PC Compilation Album
Nana Mizuki single release, Synchrogazer and fripSide PC game compilation album
Loots: I Has 24 Yui Horie “Singles”
I accomplished my mission of having 24 Yui Horie (Hocchans) in this picture. [..
A short loot post before I head out. [...]
Loots [2011-2012] Fate Testarossa and Vivio Figurines
Next up my figurines. Already opened them as of now but yet to show my loot post
Loots [2011-2012] Kalafina and Toshino Kyouko Goods
Hello. I am back. Actually I had exams and what not. Plus Diablo fighting was ve
Loots: SCANDAL Book
Some loots from 2011. I am quite busy these days thanks to examinations, so do p