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[24 Jan 2010 | 10 Comments | ]
Gundam Statue To Bring In 40 Billion Yen

The famous 1/1 scale Gundam Statue will be back this July in Shizuoka City. It is unknown how long the statue will be stationed in Shizuoka, however, it be moved to another prefecture and will eventually be erected near [...]

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[10 Dec 2009 | 5 Comments | ]
Golden PS3 Ready For Sale

Last month, I posted about Gold-Dipped PS3 for sale – only 5 available. And now the pricing for the Golden PS3 is out. My guess was 9000 dollars for the Golden PS3. What about you?

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[11 Nov 2009 | 5 Comments | ]
EA Is Getting Hit Hard – Layoffs!?

Recently, Electronic Arts, one of the world’s biggest game publisher, has been hit by layoffs as the company suffered a $391 million loss. Because of this, 1, 500 employees had been fired which is actually 17% of its global workforce. That [...]

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[13 Oct 2009 | 10 Comments | ]
Why Manga Doesn’t Sell Overseas

While I used to buy manga when I first started this anime-craze – but not anymore now. And it looks like Manga isn’t a big hit in the US. Head of Square Enix’s anime and manga publishing arm, 田口浩司 / Kouji Taguchi, has given what he sees as the reasons why manga sales in the US are still dwarfed by Japanese sales.
Square Enix is responsible for Saki and Fullmetal Alchemist by the way.

Speaking in an interview given at the recent “CoFesta” (Japan International Contents Festival), he replied:
The best sellers in …

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[7 Oct 2009 | No Comment | ]
PSPgo Being Discounted in the UK?

Previously the biggest Dutch retailer is refusing to stock on the PSPgo. Now looks like UK retailers are sending a message to Sony with their “cheap” PSPgo pricing?

According to a report from Eurogamer, at least four retailers in the region are asking less than the £224 suggested retail price. Amazon UK, HMV, Game and Play are playing with the PSPgo’s built-in wiggle room pricing, asking £199 for the portable. Is that a reaction to slow sales?
I agree that the PSPgo is priced somewhat expensive, the plus side is the availability …

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[24 Sep 2009 | 6 Comments | ]
Wii Gets Price Cut Too

Just weeks ago, Sony showed us the PS3 Slim with a new price. Then we heard that the Xbox 360 was getting a price cut too at $299, the same price as the new PS3 Slim! And today, we have the Wii getting a price cut too. It seems that everything is getting a price cut ^_^”

The price cut will take place in US and Japan. In the US, the price cut will take effect from 27 September, 2009. The console will be selling at a new retail price of …

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[18 Sep 2009 | No Comment | ]
Helicopter or Express Train to Narita Airport

Would you like a ride to Narita Airport?

Now it’s possible with a Helicopter ride, or the new Narita Express Train! Fuji TV compares the two different rides as seen in the video below:

The helicopter flight takes 30 minutes and has nice leather seats with interior decoration by Hermes. A one-way ticket costs 75,000 yen (but a special launch price of 57,000 yen will be in effect until the end of this year).
The new Narita Express NEX E259 trains begin service on October 1st. The trip between Tokyo and the airport …

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[13 Sep 2009 | 4 Comments | ]
Anime DVD & Blu-ray Sales Recovers in the 1st Half of Fiscal 2009

As we all know not a lot of people support the anime industry one way or another, as a result, the anime DVD and Blu-ray sales decreased by 12% and the market has been having a pessimistic prospect for the industry.

According to the report of Japan Video Software Association (JVA), the total sales of the anime DVD and Blu-ray in the first half of fiscal year 2009 increased by 2.3% compared to those of the last year.

Blu-ray sales definitely increase a lot this year. Could be due to the fact …

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[13 Sep 2009 | 2 Comments | ]
Toylet Sale Till 19.09.09!

Fancy doing some figurine shopping suddenly? Folks in the States can check out Toylet. They’re having a special sales now that will last till 19.09.09.

After browsing through, here are some cool deals (PRICES IN USD)[...]