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How Do You Know If Someone Is An Otaku?
I found this a somewhat interesting read - over five hundred individuals in Japa
HobbyLink Japan 70% Off Shipping Till June 24
Attention folks who love sales and discounts! HobbyLink Japan is back with 70% o
HobbyLink Japan Free Express Shipping 8-11 June
Yet another promotion from the folks at HobbyLink Japan. Following the Summer Sa
Ferrari Is Now Ita-Ferrari
I don't own a car, but I do drive my family car. I hate those fast cars because
Spring Sale at HobbyLink Japan!
HobbyLink Japan is having their Spring Sale from 15 March to 31 March 2010. Folk
Saber sure has many fans, and take a look at this guy's collection of Saber. I L
Gundam Tree to Rise in Akihabara
And if you are looking for more Gundam Statues in Japan (1/1 scale Gundam?), the
Buddhist Temple For Otaku
Another attraction you might want to check if you're in Japan: Ryohoji Temple, w
4th Annual Seiyuu Awards Voting Begins
The 4th Annual Seiyuu Awards voting has started. Votes are accepted in English a
Top 10 Ways to Spot an Otaku
What makes you an otaku? A survey of over 4,000 Japanese reveals just how easy i
Continuing from the post of K-ON! Nendoroids at Dengeki Character Festival 2009,
K-ON! Nendoroids at Dengeki Character Festival 2009
Dengeki Character Festival 2009 which was held until today in Japan has some awe
HobbyLink Japan Free Shipping
From now till September 28, 2009, HobbyLink Japan is offering free shipping to i
Lots of Revoltech Idolmaster
Looks like we have another otaku who is obsessed with Idolmaster figurines. Reme
Canaan at Chara Hobby 2009
The next coverage is on CANAAN figurines. With Canaan Nendoroid and the 1/8 scal
K-ON! Nendoroids at Chara Hobby 2009
Various blogs have already posted up photos of Chara Hobby 2009. Glanced through