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[21 Oct 2008 | 13 Comments | ]
Hobby Japan November 2008 Vol. 473

First ever Hobby Japan Magazine I bought, I am impressed. May considering investing in this magazine in the future. Though one may put it this way – See no touch, waste of money. Yup. There are tons of gundams previews and also figurines previews in the magazine! Me – a fan of gundam and figurine.. Find this magazine worthwhile XD. Anyway it’s also cheaper than Figure Maniacs, which cost 1,500 yen for an issue. Two times the cost of HJ, and still you pay more, yet you still can’t touch …

The Lootings »

[4 Sep 2008 | 12 Comments | ]
Megami Deluxe Vol. 11

I found out that Kinokuniya has the stock of Megami Deluxe Vol.11 yesterday. Woke up early this morning just to head down there to purchase my copy of Megami Deluxe ^^. There are still a few copies left there.. Sure to be snatched up soon!

If you didn’t know, I switched myself from a regular Megami Magazine buyer to a Megami Deluxe buyer. Megami Deluxe comprises most of the pictures I want. The downside is that you don’t have poster-sized images in Deluxe. Then again, I don’t cut the posters out …