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Loots [2011-2012] Kalafina and Toshino Kyouko Goods
Hello. I am back. Actually I had exams and what not. Plus Diablo fighting was ve
Very Awesome Azu-nyan Graphic T-Shirt
COSPA is improving, by improving I mean they're actually selling far more awesom
Loot: Nana Mizuki Live Journey Concert Goods
Got these 1 month ago.. Slow but nevertheless, here are the pictures! [...]
Ro-Kyu-Bu! Shirt Shows That I Like Primary School Girls! They Are Great.
If you didn't like the "I Love Lolita" title on the t-shirt or tote bag, how abo
Preorder Your Ro-Kyu-Bu! “I Love Lolita” T-Shirt And Tote Bag
I love Ro-Kyu-Bu! I mean I'm not a lolicon.. I really love the show.. Maybe not!
Yuru Yuri Shirts From COSPA
COSPA has started reservations for Yuru Yuri which is currently airing in Japan
Judgment and Anti Skill Shirt
Toaru Kagaku no Railgun ended weeks ago. Indeed I am missing my weekly dosage of
Loot: Flooded With Nanoha
Some loots collected this month. I have more incoming parcels, should be arrivin
Declare Your Love For K-ON! With These Shirts
Do you love K-ON!? If so, you need to get yourself one of these cool shirts, dec
Fate/stay night Shirts
If you're a lover of Fate/stay night, take a look at these goodies! Goodies prod
Rebuild of Evangelion Shirts
I wonder how many of you are Evangelion fans? I'm quite a bit of a fan. I have t