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July 2010 Stats
July flew by and it's already August. July is also the start of the new anime li
June 2010 Stats
June is quite relaxing for me. I'm on holidays now and not working. Hence I am a
May 2010 Stats
I finally ended my examinations in Mid-May, can't help but feel extremely reliev
April 2010 Stats
I don't remember my month of April to be about blogging on Zotaku. LOL. I have l
March 2010 Stats
After a busy February, March was somewhat free for me, but I still have a final
February 2010 Stats
February 2010 stats for folks interested how we have been doing. Things aren't t
January 2010 Stats
January 2010 stats are probably long overdue, but better late than never! 2010 i
December 2009 Stats
I'm a little late in posting the December 2009 stats this time round, life has b
November 2009 Stats
Once again the stats for November 2009! November was quite a busy month for us w
October 2009 Stats
Stats for October is late, since I was busy this week with my Birthday and schoo
Time for our monthly update of stats! September 2009 was an extremely busy month
August 2009 Stats
August 2009 was an extremely busy month for me. School started. In addition to t
July 2009 Stats
It's the time of the month to review the stats for zotaku. July was an awesome m
June 2009 Stats
Time for the monthly stats updates. June seems good.. so far =) We served 1
May 2009 Stats
Picking up from our "busy" status, we are back to blogging. And our hits have de
April 2009 Stats
April 2009, zotaku is back in business. So we got an increase in the number of u