Zotaku Mascot: She’s Here!

I decided to launch our mascot today.. Because I have been procrastinating for too long. XD

Zotaku Mascot: She’s Here!

She’s a bunny girl, without a name. Now the only worry is finding a suitable name for her!

And her birthday is today, 6th of September 2009! Well we will have something to celebrate next year, after Zotaku’s Anniversary in August =P.

The mascot is done by bluesnow, gotta say I couldn’t have done it without her XD.

The original color theme of Bunny-girl is as shown below:

Zotaku Mascot: She’s Here!

Well ultimately I decided to go with the yellow top and blue skirt. Hopefully it’s fine. What do you guys think?

And while I have been procrastinating for sometime about the mascot – Because I can’t seem to think of a suitable “theme” for the mascot. One day, it hit me, my obsession with Hocchan(Yui Horie) did the trick XD. I was watching “The Adventure of Yui Horie“(like for the XXXth time) and it dawned on me: BUNNY GIRL for mascot!!!! Look at the fringe; looks just like Hocchan’s hair XD

Dear Hocchan, thanks for being my inspiration ^_^.

Now all that is left.. is a name. Obviously I can’t name her Hocchan; I’m keeping the name short, like Yume-chan, not going to bother having a First and a Last name. Okay I need your help, some suggestions please! =P.

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