New Zotaku Writer: Guuzen

Zenical: Our new writer is finally here. I did not post up any post requesting for a new writer since guuzen tweeted me that he is interested in joining zotaku XD. guuzen is M’s real life friend. So now we have 3 Singaporean Writers! And with guuzen joining Zotaku.. the girl power which was dominating Zotaku is gone because guuzen is a guy! LOL.So it’s 2 females against 2 males. Who will win?O.o.
P.S I was so against his nick: guuzen since it contains zen. LOL.

Hey guys! Today marks the day that I have officially joined Zotaku! Back when Zenime was around, I was actually tempted by M to join in the team, but since Zenime was a review site, I felt that reviewing every single episode of an anime is really exhausting (had my own little experience in the past), so in the end I decided not to join. To be honest, I only became a frequent visitor to Zotaku like one or two months ago, and I like how the website is going.

Zenical posted a tweet saying that she needed a new writer for Zotaku, but I didn’t want to join immediately because I had to think about my level commitment. I don’t want to join in with a half-ass attitude and ruin Zotaku. So after a week of consideration, here I am! =D

What I will be blogging at Zotaku

My experience with my own blog was posting about anime and video games news, and also hands-on articles on certain games that I like. I am bringing this experience over to Zotaku and therefore I will be more on the news section. At times I will also be posting reviews of video games that I have played so stay tuned!

Guuzen's Blog

How did I started blogging?

Before I came to Zotaku, I am a writer for my own blog which is about anime and video games. I had quite a tough time maintaining it during my school days because I had to cover every news by myself. In the end, I picked only a handful of news to do on. It is tiring, but at the same time satisfying because it feels like an achievement, especially when people drop by and write comments. I started blogging with Blogspot at around 2007, but I wasn’t seriously doing it back then. I started blogging seriously on November 2007 when I shifted to Worpress. I started the blog with a goal to provide news and create an encyclopedia just for anime. But as the days passed, I found out it is really difficult to do both which why my current blog is heavily news-based.


How I started my anime craze

The series that started my anime craze was GateKeepers. I watched it on a channel called AXN back when I was 11 years old. From there I start to move on to other titles like Rurouni Kenshin, Vandread, Slam Dunk, Rave Master, and others that I can’t think of right now.

I used to have a fear of letting people know about how much I love anime, because back then people see it as just “cartoon”. But hey, anime can get real deep sometimes and some of their drama are top-notch so they are not just cartoons!! XD

My favorite choice anime genres are: Drama, Romance, Mecha, School Life, and Slice of Life. M should know very well about my taste in anime =D.

Suzuka Manga

Only anime? What about manga?

I am not a manga fan, but there is one manga that I really enjoyed reading and that is Suzuka. After I finished watching the anime, it left me wanting for more. I think it was M who told me that the manga is still continuing with the story, so I just had to read it! I am currently following another manga called Kimi no Iru Machi which is by the same author as Suzuka. People often tell me that the manga versions are better and all that. But I guess I just prefer watching them >.<.

Well that pretty much wraps up my introduction. If you want to contact me or just want to say hello, you can email me at:

You can also follow me on Twitter as well! My username is: guuzen_zotaku

I hope that I will get along with everyone. I’m harmless so treat me nicely ok? (OKAY Zenical?? XD) Minna yoroshiku! ^_^

a student who loves watching anime and playing video games. My first video games date back in the DOS era. As for my first anime series? I started watching them at around the age of 11. Until now, I have been loving both anime and video games and my interest for them are still growing strong.
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