December 2009 Stats

I’m a little late in posting the December 2009 stats this time round, life has been hectic. Sometimes when I get the time to finally post, I end up doing other articles ^^”. Year 2009 ended off quietly for me, I’m sure 2009 was a fun and exciting year for many. It was for me. I look forward to 2010, with more anime, more figurines, and more of everything!

December 2009 Stats

We served 6409 page views to an average of 2759 unique daily users. We have a total of 85,546 unique users for December.

December 2009 Stats

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Lastly, need an anime series to watch? Do check out our Winter 2010 Anime Line-up!

Seiyuu Sunday featured: Minako Kotobuki 寿 美菜子, Hitomi Nabatame 生天目 仁美, Kana Ueda 植田 佳奈, Houko Kuwashima 桑島 法子.

We have been running our weekly feature of Seiyuu since July 2009, we will most likely pause the feature (like I mentioned in my latest Seiyuu post) and touch on another section. Of course my brain is dry at the moment and any suggestions are welcomed!

I like anime, music and seiyuu. Fan of fripSide, Kalafina, Sachika Misawa, Nana Mizuki, SCANDAL, StylipS, Yui Horie, YUI and yuikaori.
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