Impressions: Baka to Test to Shokanju

Seeing how as I’ve been MIA from zotaku for quite a while now(last post was sometime last November), I felt that I had the need to start posting something sooner or later. So yes, here I go, my first post of the new year, my impressions of Baka to Test to Shokanju.

Title: Baka to Test to Shokanju
Air Date: January 6, 2010
Episodes: 13
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
Producer(s): SILVER LINK
Official Site:
Seiyuu: Hiro Shimono, Hitomi Harada
OP: Perfect-Area Complete by Natsuko Aso

It isn’t everyday that an anime will come out and present that many LOL or ROFL moments that really invoke the real Laughing Out Loud or Rolling On Floor Laughing. Well this anime is one of the few. The show more or less takes place in Fumizuki Academy where students are sorted out based on their academic results of their entrance exams. The test also serves as a way to see what type of ammenities a student get to enjoy.

BakaTestTo’s harsh school environment has 6 classes in each level. From A through F, the students are given classroom amenities of decreasing usefulness. The A class students enjoy lounge chairs, laptops, fully stocked libraries while the F class students are treated to a shabby tatami-matted classroom with tea tables and cushions as their desks and seats. While I’m pretty sure that the wordy explanation I’ve just given isn’t all that appealing, much less humorous, you’ll really need to watch the show to get it, which is what I’m trying to do.

The characters of the anime are beautiful and brilliant. From the extremely dumb but gullible Yoshii to the cool yet still somewhat dumb Yuuji, the show’s characters are one of the key factors to this show’s brilliance. Now I’m going to introduce the main characters of the show:

Name: Himeji Mizuki
Well, I would be blatantly lying if I said that she wasn’t my very first reason to start watching this show. Yeah yeah, I have a weakness for Pink haired characters(e.g. Louise from ZnT, Lala from TLR). She’s this super genius that ended up in the F class due to her fainting during the Entrance exams and thus getting a 0, effectively placing her in the last class in the school. Despite being in the F class, she has the mind of an A class student and is the Shokanju MVP for the F class. Appears to like Yuuji.

Name: Akihisa Yoshii
As I’ve mentioned earlier, the very dumb and gullible main lead of the show. Dumb as in exam grades-wise dumb and gullible as in, will listen to anything that Yuuji says about him. He is constantly dead broke, always making the wrong comments about Shimada and is totally oblivious about how Himeji feels about him. Hilarity ensures whenever he’s around.

Name: Sakamoto Yuuji
The mastermind and self-appointed leader in the F class. In the class of idiots and weirdos, he appears to be the most levelheaded and capable person in the class. His intelligence though is very much undesirable. His childhood friend is the valedictorian of Fumizuki Academy and let’s just say that whenever they’re seen together, I just can’t stop laughing.

Name: Shimada Minami
The tomboy-ish girl which has no breasts but is still very hot cause of her almost-pinkish hair. WOOHOO!! All hair-related matters aside, she’s also another Baka who excels best at Math. She has very apparent feelings for Yoshii but can never express them due Yoshii’s constant mockery of her + her never ending ‘killing’ of Yoshii. She also has a kouhai that goes ONEE-SAMA whenever they meet. Haha.

Name: Kinoshita Hideyoshi
The bishounen character of the series. Yes. I will not lie. This is a trap. This is NOT a girl. In a completely seperate matter, Hideyoshi does have a sister who looks exactly like him but is wayyyyyyyy smarter and in the A class. Yea. Their complete look-alike-ness totally reminded me of Maria+Holic’s Maria & Shizu.

Name: Tsuchiya Kouta
And the last main character of the series, Tsuchiya Kouta aka. the main pervert of the show. Yes. He will not hesitate in catching a glimpse of a girl’s pantsu. His specialty is in Health Ed. Well, to be honest, he isn’t exactly noticable as much as the other characters, playing more of a supporting main character but his antics usually do add to the humor so…. ah well.

And that’s the last of the main character I’ll be talking about. Too bad that my current favourite character of the series isn’t one of the main cast and crew though. She’s the valedictorian of the A class and has at best, had a 5-minute scene in episode 2 and 2 30-second scenes in episode 3. Hope to see more of her though.

Currently, the first 3 episodes are out and it is time to catch the series if you haven’t already. It’s one of the 4 shows I’m catching this season and I’ve had no regrets watching it. Come to think of it, despite my initial thoughts that this would be a very ecchi-oriented show, this is perhaps the least ecchi out of the 4 shows I’m following. (Ladies Versus Butlers, Seikon no Qwaser & Omamori Himari).

And yes, I am going to end off this impressions post with a ‘Do Watch This Show’ shoutout to everyone who reads the post. To end off, here’s the ED of the series. (My 2nd favourite song of the new season, the favourite being Shunkan Sentimental by SCANDAL, the ED for FMA.)

ED: Baka Go Home by milktub and Baka Test ALL STARS

Ok. That’s all for me. Have a great year ahead guys, not sure when my next post will be but ah well. My boss will understand….. I hope. :D

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