Spring 2010 Mid-Season Review

Seeing how as we never really got to finishing up our Spring 2010 Preview and because I’ve been MIA from here for so long, thought I’d drop by and a little mid-season review. Yes. I know the mid-season passed like 2 weeks ago but I’ve been busy with tests and all, but still, do enjoy.

I will be covering the shows that I do watch so yeah, if your favourite anime is not here, don’t feel so sad. You could write a short excerpt for it in the comments below this post.

List of Shows

1. Ikkitousen: Xtreme Xecutor

Uhh. 3 and a half seasons into Ikkitousen and I can honestly say that I still don’t know what’s going on with the show. The show is about high school kids who ‘inherited the souls of the Warriors of the Sangoku Times’ inside their Magatamas and its essentially a reenactment of the Warring States period in real life Japan. Yes. People do die, people do get injured, boobs start flying around. Did I say boobs start flying around? Yes. Yes I did. Because it happens all too often that it’s no longer a novelty to watch the show. It’s just distracting.

Am I still watching this? Yes. Why? I’ve no idea. It was this or that yaoi-like show and I’ll always pick boobs over anything remotely yaoi-like.

Impression Meter: 1/5

2. Heroman

Umm. I was hasty when I declared this THE ANIME OF THE SEASON back in my 1st episode review which never surfaced here. (Yes. I took it down cause Zen was too busy to post it up and god knows how long it has been since the 1st episodes)

Well. It’s not the best show of the season. That’s for 1. It’s not even in my Highly-Rated Tier any longer. While I liked the initial concept of Joey(the kid in the picture) being the manga version of Spider-Man X Superman, it just gets frustrating to watch the rest of the story unfold.

Did I mention that this anime has aliens? And how do all aliens find Earth? By some smartass scientist ready to welcome the aliens with open arms. You thought that was bad? The plot gets worse later on.

I’m still watching it for the fact that its a Stan Lee project and yes, I do love what Stan Lee does. He makes magic happen. I’m sure if they got rid of half the irritating side characters that were in this series, the show would blossom, but until then, this is still a subpar anime at best.

Impression Meter: 3/5

3. Shin Koihime Musou: Otome Tairan

Much like Ikkitousen, concept wise anyway, Koihime Musou is very loosely based on Romance of The Three Kingdoms, taking mostly the characters names only and sticking them onto girls. Yes. That’s the general descrip of Koihime Musou.

The current season(also the 4th season), takes place directly after the end of previous season where peace had finally been achieved. The entire team gets split up at the end of the 1st episode and I believe they will be reconvening in about 2 episodes before the end and then they face their enemy of the season cause that has always been the case the past 3 seasons.

Hmm. The show is at episode 8 already but I’m still stuck at Episode 4. Yes. I’m backlogged on this show and it’s because it uses the same formula for every season. Why do I still watch it? I honestly have no idea. Would I recommend it to you? No. There are way better things out there.

Impression Meter: 1/5

4. B Gata H Kei

This show isn’t that bad once you pass the 1st 4 episodes. BGHK is about Yamada(center girl) who wishes to have 100 sexual partners. Umm, very wtf? Yes. I Agree. Problem is, she’s still a virgin and she doesn’t want anyone to know about that. So you throw in Kosuda(guy on the bottom left) who’s a cherry-boy and the plot will revolve around her trying to literally ‘deflower HIM’, so that she gets it too in the process.

Yes. It sounds very messed up and that is what I was feeling in the 1st 4 episodes. The show eventually gets better when they start developing feelings for each other. Kosuda at 1 point actually confesses to her. In public. That kid has balls. Yes he does.

But yeah, the real gem of this anime is not the 1st layer of plot. It is the Kosuda-Yamada love that is the driving force of this series. It’s a messed up love story, but peel away all the ecchi layers and you get a very nice love story.

Impressions List: 3.5/5

5. Kaichou wa Maid-sama

Yeah. I told myself not to spoil myself with the manga when I watched the 1st episode. Guess what I did 5 minutes after I said that?

Times up. And your probable answer is yes. I spoiled myself by reading the manga. I caught all the way up to where the manga was at that point and I’m still following it. And because I’ve spoilt myself so much, I can say for a fact that I love the characters and I love the story. But I hate the pacing of the anime where they go from arc to arc in 1 or 2 episodes. It’s a 45-page monthly manga for goodness sake. They’re nibbling away some of the best scenes in the manga in my most honest opinion.

If it were a review based on the characters and story alone, this show would get a solid 5 from me. But because of the way the anime is?

Impression Meter: 4/5

6. Angel Beats

This show is a diamond. Started out as the most confusing show this season, it is now THE MOST beautiful show with the MOST ELABORATE plot this entire season.

Writing anything story-related down would spoil the experience of the show so I won’t.

What I will comment about is that this show has produced more songs than K-ON! has this season. Yes. This isn’t a music-geared anime and it has produced more than K-ON!. Banzai Angel Beats! The characters are beautiful and well defined and the animation, jsut breathtaking.

For anyone who can say they hate this show, it would be blasphemy.

Impression Meter: 5/5

7. Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Maou

This is THE Comedy X Harem anime of the season. Oh just a quick note, with the except of Satomi Sato, all the other members of Hokago Tea Time are in this anime at one point or another.

While Ayana(Azusa) and Minako(Mugi) are just minor characters, Yoko Hikasa(Mio) plays Hattori Junko(girl with blue hair) and Aki Toyosaki plays Soga Keena(red haired girl).

Umm. I don’t really know how to describe this show. It’s not your everyday shounen-harem-comedy anime. It’s more. For example, there are really pervese jokes provided by the resident Lilidan(the green haired girl called Korone) and then there’s the dark queen who gives off the ero feel(Purple-Haired girl called Fujiko, who by the way is voiced by Itou Shizuka so YAYYYY!!!)

I’m just talking about the girls aren’t I? Yes. I find that I tend to do that alot. Well, to talk about the main guy(Sai Akuto), he’s a straightforward honest person who is also the next Demon King. Yea. While he keeps rejecting that position in the beginning, nearing the mid-season he soon learns to accept the title and use his power if necessary to save his friends.

The show’s a mess but yet it’s watchable. You’ll either love it or hate it.

Impression Meter: 4/5

8. Working!!!

And to think I almost dropped this before I started watching it. It’s tons of fun watching this show.

The general backdrop of this series is in a family restaurant named Wagnaria! and the story revolves around the employees there. It sounds really plain but I swear it’s a bucketload of fun watching. The other backdrop is Katanashi’s house, and yes, Katanashi is the ‘main guy’ in this show.

If your wondering why I’m writing so little for this anime, it’s because words can’t describe it. It’s like watching School Rumble. How do your describe SR? You can’t. It’s just…… watch and laugh. So yes. You want to laugh? Watch Working!!!

Impression: 4/5

9. Mayoi Neko Overrun

The only other show this season that gets a solid 5/5 because the show is full of win, full of laughter and full of emotion. There’s a different director for each episode but before I knew this fact, I would never been have able to tell that out.

What stated off as a comedy-anime to kill time, has become a Must-Watch-Weekly Comedy-Anime for me. Why? 1st there was that epic hotsprings episode with the epic ping-pong match. Then there was that epic Jenga tourney that reminded me so much of Saki. Need I mention the Super-Sentai episode?

But, it’s not all fun and games. The show does have its emotional notes and when they have them, they hit them well. And I really mean well. Most of the lead characters are orphans with the exception of Uenomori but she’s ‘like’ an orphan cause her parents are never there.

Well. You have to watch this show to know what it’s all about. It’s really stellar.

Impression: 5/5

10. K-ON! 2nd Season

WS K-ON! is full of win in stark contrast to the 4:3 format last time around.

I don’t really want to write a K-ON! post cause 95% of the readers are probably watching this week after week. What I will say is that Mio is still the queen of this show and her 2nd in command Azusa is the only reason this show is still remotely watchable. I mean… why did we fall in love with this show back in S1? The songs….. OH RIGHT. THE SONGS!!

Of which this season lacks… big time. Can’t say I’m dissappointed. They’re just dragging this out to milk as much money as possible. I think we’ll probably get a Ton-chan plushie soon enough. I can’t wait for the Drama CDs of Azusa doing Enka if it’s out though. OHHH!! And I want a Mio-Fanclub card. haha.

Yea. I’ve got nothing much to say about the anime as you can tell because it’s been a dissappointing ride. Heck, I was more entertained with the K-ON! OVA then I have been all season.

Impression: 3/5

11. Kiss X Sis TV

Full of Win. Full of Win.

I would write something but it would have to be heavily censored. This show is all about inappropriate relations between brothers and sisters and other side-characters that don’t stand a chance against the sisters because the sisters are just plain awesome.

This is another show with Ayana Takatatsu(VO of Azusa) this season so it’s naturally full of win. Even more full of win? When she’s trying to be seductive. WOOHOOO!!!

This show is not recommended for anyone below the legal age of R-rated material plainly because this should be considered R-rated material. But for those who are above the legal age. Watch it. It’s the most grey an anime can ever get before turning into a different type of animation spelled with 6 alphabets.

Impression Meter: 4/5

Well that’s the end of this review. I know it’s not much of a review when I’m literally writing nothing about the shows at all but well, try to enjoy my snarky comments I guess? If you have a series you’d like to highlight which I’ve not mentioned here, do comment about it in the Comments Box so other readers can view it as well.

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