Yummy, Gundam Cup Noodles

I love Japan. Why? They have Gundam Cup Noodles. What do I get? Just cup noodles. Lol. For the 30th anniversary of Gunpla, get ready for some “Char Senyo Chilli Tomato Noodle (Chilli Tomato Noodles for Char)”, available in three slightly different flavours, each packed with a mini Gunpla of either MS-06 Zaku II, MS-14 Gelgoog or MSM-07 Z’Gok.

3 flavors available, well they’re almost the same. The regular Chilli Tomato version will get the MS-06 Zaku II (left), while the three-times hotter version will get the MS-14 Gelgoog (middle) and the red cheddar version will get the MSM-07 Z’Gok! (right). All of them are of scale 1/380.

1,000 participants will also stand a chance to win the MG MS-06S Char’s Custom Zaku Ver.2.0 Gunpla in Nissin Cup Noodle’s special colour, as pictured below.

Now time to get some instant noodles into my stomach.. but they’re just the normal ones I bought from the supermarket ^^”


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