The Gundam 00 Movie Review

*Note: This review will contain some spoilers to a light extent.*

Well so the Gundam 00 movie had a same day screening here in Singapore as in Japan. I watched it together with guuzen while zenical watched it at a later screening. So yeah, I’ll be giving a short summary of what happened.

Short Summary
Set 2 years after the end of season 2, the gundam 00 movie continues off, showing the events that occured after the takedown of A-Laws.

While the world has achieved peace at  certain level, a new enemy takes center stage. The meisters show off all their new gundams. Cameos from the side characters like “Immortal Patrick” and “Graham ‘Mr. Bushido’ Aker” appear throughout the film.

So basically, a new enemy has appeared in the form of the alien substance, the ELS. The ELS can assimilate anything it touches and basically yeah, the goal of the ELS is to gather everyone’s thoughts into a single collective.

Put it simply, everyone puts up a stellar fight and it ends with Setsuna saving the day. Hooray.

Well, if you ask me. There are alot of bones I have to pick with the movie. For instance, the plot about extraterrasterial life. The Gundam series to me has always been about suits fighting suits. Season 1 had the Gundams fighting the Flags, the Tierens and the…. others.  Season 2 had the Gundams fighting the Aheads. The movie? Some weird alien that can absorb you after it fires a barrage of fang like items.

And don’t get me started on the Independence Day-like scenes in the movie. I don’t know. Kinda cheasy for me. And the ending. To each his own but, I’m pretty sure much of the audience crowd echoed my thoughts when the end credits started rolling. Oh, if you are catching the movie, there is a final scene after the credits.

But, I shall not nitpick any further. I like Gundams and Gundam 00 was the first Gundam series I actually fully understood and followed through. There are nice characters, awesome voice actors, brilliant suits and a magnificant plot from start……… well the end crashed and burned for me….. but yeah. A 9/10 is still an ‘A’.

So if you ask me if you should watch the movie, I would say Yes. If you’ve followed through all 2 seasons, no reason to miss this.

Score: 9/10 <*If you ignore the ending
Actual Score: 7/10<*Taking the ending into consideration.

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