A Very Belated Happy Birthday to M!

Happy (belated) birthday to our writer M! Yes it was last week that one of zotaku writers aged by 1 year. Well he hasn’t hit the digit 2X yet, but it will be soon ^_^.

Guuzen: M’s actual birthday is on October 3, but we couldn’t make it in time! So sorry! But hey, hope he had a wonderful time with his family! M is now experiencing working life, but his birthday fell on a Sunday so lucky him! There was suppose to be an outing with M but seems like it has to be cancelled due to busy schedule. Nonetheless, we wish him all the best and of course a very happy birthday!

Zenical: I was waiting for Guuzen to prepare this Mio picture. Being the perfectionist, doing the Mio picture took forever and by the time he finished it was Friday. And Friday till Saturday we had a very busy and tired Zenical to finish up this post XD.

We bought an anime T-shirt for him. Unfortunately we all have busy schedules, as such I doubt that M will be getting his present till end of this month!

Oh yeah speaking of birthdays, mine will be coming soon XD

Happy Birthday M!!!!!!

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