Mobile Suit Gundam AGE Trailer

A trailer for Sunrise’s latest installment in the Gundam series has been released, complete with English subtitles!

Mobile Suit Gundam AGE is an upcoming TV series in the Summer line-up. It is a new Gundam anime, but it may turn some people off (I’m one of them) because the characters shown in this trailer looks as if they just got out of a kids show: brightly colored, minimal shading, rounded hair, using over-exaggerating motions to perform simple tasks.

The only thing I know about this is there is a new AGE system that allows the Gundam to evolve to possibly different forms (1:30 – 1:34). I do not know much about the setting but looking at the trailer, humanity is once again threatened and this blue-haired kid is probably gonna set things straight. His mother died right in front of his eyes when he was just a child, but I’m glad he is not taking the Shinn Asuka route. He seems proper and not blinded by hatred and revenge.

I’m not sure if I will be watching this till the end as I have stated above, the character art is kind of throwing me off. I will definitely give it a try though. Mobile Suit Gundam AGE will premiere on October 2011.

Source(s): Gundam.Info | ANN

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