AFA11 – I Love Anisong Concert Confirmed Artistes

Some artistes are confirmed for AFA11 happening this 11-13 November 2011, as revealed on Tuesday afternoon. Some reason I’m too lazy to apply for the media coverage. Studies and studies. Hopefully once I finish my studies I won’t be lazy anymore.

Well two of them are no surprise to regular folks of AFA since 2008: May’n and Ichirou Mizuki. The other confirmed artistes are: LiSa are FLOW.

LiSa is the singing voice of Yui from the anime series Angel Beats! Apparently it is said that she would be performing live with her band. Girls Dead Monster yeah! On the other hand I’m pretty sad that they didn’t bring Marina (singing voice of Iwasawa)

This is NOT a GDM concert without Marina! Heck bring Lia too! Then it will totally be a Angel Beats! concert already!

Next up, FLOW. I have heard of several of their songs, but never a big fan. Busy chasing other boy bands like UVERworld ^^”. Most memorable songs to me would be “Colors” and “World End” from the anime series Code Geass!

I won’t be touching on May’n or Aniki as.. I’m sure you already know about them, having seen them since 2008 ^^.

I like anime, music and seiyuu. Fan of fripSide, Kalafina, Sachika Misawa, Nana Mizuki, SCANDAL, StylipS, Yui Horie, YUI and yuikaori.
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