I Forgot Zotaku 3rd Year: Happy Belated Birthday?

Oh crap, clearly I am aging but not to this extent?! How could I forget that 24 August 2011 was the 3rd year the blog has been up and running?! Seriously what was I thinking T_T. Perhaps studying too much has killed 90% of my brain cells that I can’t even remember my own blog’s birthday. -_-


Enjoy some cute Princess Milhi to celebrate Zotaku’s 3rd year running for world domination I mean continuing on ;)

Lots of stuff has been happening to me in my personal life, sometimes I disappear because I needed to sort those sh1t out but I am fine at the end of the days/weeks ^^.

2011 is my final year of my University days, so while I was contemplating on quitting blogging last year when I just started Year 2 (2010), this year, however, I decided that blogging is part of my life. If I didn’t have blogging to do I would be very bored, and I know the 600-ish facebook fans would hate me, and so would the many followers on Twitter. Plus it’s pretty fun to walk around events and talking to comrades you know along the way. ^^”.

Alas my quest for flooding my room and this blog with my loves continue and I shall not disappoint any readers!

FYI: 23 August 2011 was my examinations results release date, so on the 24th I was busy going high that I passed my papers. Lol.


I like anime, music and seiyuu. Fan of fripSide, Kalafina, Sachika Misawa, Nana Mizuki, SCANDAL, StylipS, Yui Horie, YUI and yuikaori.
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