Black Rock Shooter TV Anime Trailer

Another trailer has been released for the Black Rock Shooter TV anime set to premiere on 2 February 2012.

I enjoyed what little the OVA showed of the BRS universe, so I am definitely looking forward to a full fledged series!

The ending song “Bokura no Ashiato” was featured in the second half of the trailer. The band behind the music is supercell and for those who have been following them closely, they got two new female vocalists: Koeda and Chelly. I am not sure if Chelly is the one sing the ending song, but the voice sounded like Koeda’s. If you have heard Guilty Crown‘s opening song “My Dearest” then you should already know how she sound like, which is totally different from the gentle and soothing voice of Nagi, supercell’s previous vocalist.

Source(s): Official Page | ANN

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