Personalise Your Table With Persona 4 Coasters!

I never really bothered about Persona games until I started watching Persona 4 the Anime series. Got to say, I’m loving the anime more and more – such as I am considering to get the PS3 ver of Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena when it’s out this year!

These lovely coasters are from Surfers Paradise and the diameter for each coaster is 90mm.

A total of 8 characters available for preorder: Narukami Yu, Hanamura Yousuke, Satonaka Chie, Amagi Yukiko, Tatsumi Kanji, Kujikawa Rise, Kuma and Shirogane Naoto.

Item: Persona 4 Coaster
Release Date: March 2012
Retail Price: 840 yen each
Preorder at: CDJapan, Hobby Search.

Thinking of getting Chie and Kuma. :) Kuma is irritating when he’s in human form but as a Teddie, how can one not love him xD.

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